Latest Google Nexus 6P updates a Huge Indicator that the 2015 Flagship still has Life ahead

google nexus 6p

The Google Nexus 6P might have been replaced by the Google Pixel XL as the company’s main flagship, but the 2015 handset has got a lot of power still left in there.

This is not just our saying, but the latest actions by Google are a huge indicator that this phone has not left their minds at all. The tech giant recently rolled out the first Android O developer preview and without any delays, Google Nexus 6P users were able to download and install the OS at the same time as Pixel and Pixel XL users.

Usually, when a device is close to “extinction” as far as receiving software updates are concerned, delays of rolling out the updates start creeping in, just like we recently saw with the Google Nexus 6. The 2014 flagship was the last to be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat as well as the newer Android 7.1.1 Nougat and when the latest v7.1.2 was unveiled, the device was left out. Speaking of v71.2, the Nexus 6P was also up there with the Pixel devices when it came to receiving this update.

With the Google Nexus 6P, the search engine giant is still showing the same love as the 2016 models. The fact that the device is already being used to test the upcoming Android O is a confirmation that it will still be among the first to be updated to the said version later in the year.

Android O

All this is happening despite growing rumors about the Google Pixel 2. Naturally, we’d expect some attention to start leaving the Google Nexus 6P in favor of the 2017 model, however, this isn’t happening anytime soon. But why? Because we (and possibly Googlers) think that the Nexus 6P is still an awesome device.

Despite the awesome nature of the Google Nexus 6P, the incoming Android O might just be its final OS update, just like it like it has been the case for Android Nougat and the Nexus 6, which is now over two years old.