This Latest iPhone 7 Leak Will Make You Really Angry

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is the next big thing expected to come from Apple with respect to the smartphone world. The Cupertino Company will be expected to release this phone in the next few months and as usual, a lot is coming in with respect this phone.

While criticism is nothing new to Apple, it is not usual for the iPhone maker to be criticized when it comes to design matters. However, as things look like, the iPhone 7 will be the first device this company is criticized for with respect to design. Apparently, most of the leaks in the recent months have shown that the upcoming iPhone will retain the same design as last year’s iPhone 6S and 2014’s iPhone 6.

Of course, these two handsets have one of the best designs you can find around, especially last year’s iPhone 6S. With this in mind, having an iPhone 7 with the same design and a few touches here and there isn’t the main problem, there is something much bigger that will definitely make you angrier than you probably thought.

The latest leaks of the iPhone 7 come from none other than the serial leaker OnLeaks. This is the man who has been successful with previous predictions of the designs of Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 as well as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6. Apparently, OnLeaks, whose official names are Steve Hemmerstoffer, has gotten his hands on a series of photos as well as a schematic of the upcoming iPhone 7.

iPhone 7

While the photo brings nothing new with respect to the design of the phone – an iPhone 6S-like design with antenna lines revised and the rear camera slightly larger than usual – you won’t be happy with what the new schematic says of the iPhone 7. From the look of things, the rear camera will not increase in size, it will also have a larger bump than any of the previous two handsets in the iPhone range.

Even though this is still a leak, the track record of OnLeaks speaks for itself. What remains to be seen is how Apple iPhone 7 enthusiasts will stomach this camera bulge after enjoying an almost flush rear camera on the iPhone 6S.

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