Latest PlayStation 4 System Software Update Version 3.55 Available

PlayStation 4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is on the verge of celebrating its third anniversary having been launched in 2013. The popular console has received a lot of updates along the way with version 3.50 being the latest update having hit the system in April.

However, the Japanese tech giant wants to better the console’s system performance even further with a new system software update that will take it to version 3.55.

The announcement was made on PlayStation 4 website where Sony said that the update is compulsory to continue accessing the PlayStation Store and the online multiplayer. Users can update their System Software from within PS4 by visiting Settings menu, select System Software Update, and click on Next then on Update. In case the System fails to download for any reason, Sony has provided a manual way to access the update using a computer or a USB storage device. Here is how to do it;

  • You need to have a USB storage of not less than 900mbs.
  • With enough memory, create a folder and name it PS4, then create another folder, Update, inside the already created PS4 folder.
  • You will then go ahead to download the update file, that can be found in the ‘perform a new installation of the system software’ tab from the system software update page.
  • The file should be saved in the Update folder.
  • Completely switch off the system, making sure it does not go to rest mode, that is, when you can still see the orange light. To do that you will long press the power button for about seven seconds until you hear a beep.
  • Finally, you will connect the USB device and then load the PS4 in Safe Mode, select option 7, initialize PS4 and follow the commands on the screen to finish reinstalling the system software.

PlayStation 4

Though it is mandatory to keep your PlayStation 4 online, the new firmware does not add any new feature. According to Sony patch notes, the update improves the quality of the system performance. However, tech analysts perceive it as a preparation for the PS4 System update 4.00, suspected to carry tons of new features. The PlayStation VR headset will be released on October 13, naturally, PS4 will receive a major firmware update when that time comes. The PlayStation VR will launch alongside the likes of PlayStation VR Worlds, Tumble VR, and Play Room VR among others.

Remember the PlayStation 4 v3.55 patch file weighs 300MB and downloads quite fast.

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