Note 7 Rumored to Come in Curvaceous Variant Alone: Saying Goodbye to StandardScreens

Galaxy note 7

Latest reports claim that Samsung may not bring in a flat screen Note at all, but only the curved screen variant.

Earlier, it was reported that the company was testing two versions for the successor to the Note 5. According to the Korean Herald, the company may not launch flat screen versions of the S7.

Note 7

There have been several rumors that suggested that the Note 7 would come with curved screen. However, it was not mentioned whether there would be a flat variant or not. Based in history, it would seem that there would be a flat version, as Samsung has recently offered both the versions in its flagship devices.

The Note 7 is the upcoming Samsung phone and it seems time to say goodbye to standard screens for the Note series. This follows due to the popularity of the S7 Edge and the S6, so going for the Edge only version seems a viable option. It is expected that the Note 7 will come dual curved edge, appearing on both the sides, similar to the S7 Edge.

Teaser Leaks

A teaser was leaked showing the screen edge of the upcoming Note 7. It was made to resemble a seven that was drawn using a stylus. This could mean that consumers can use the stylus pen on the edge of the screen.

End of the Era

If the Note 7 gets an enthusiastic response from users, it could also mean an end to flat screens on the company’s flagship devices. It is likely that future phones from Samsung, such as the S8 and other coming after it will be available only in the curved version. However, for now, it is only a rumor.

Note 7

Unveiling Event

The Note 7 is expected to be unveiled on 2nd August at an event dedicated to this device. It is also rumored that the Note 7 will come with a screen size of 58 inches, in QHD, Super AMOLED technology. An Exynos processor and, a variant, the Snapdragon processor will power the device, and it will have a RAM of 6 GB, will power it. The Note 7 will come with a camera of 12 MP and be powered by a battery of 4000 mAh with the S Pen included.

Skipping Number 6

Samsung is planning to skip the number 6 for this device and wants to jump directly to the 7. This is probably because it wants to put the new device in the same line as the other flagship phones of the company, namely the S7 and also alongside the iPhone 7.

Demand for Edge Variant

Previously, there were edge variants along with the standard version incase of the Note 4 as well as the S6 and the S7. The edge variants started with the Note 4. Later on, when the S6 Edge was launched along with the regular S6, the company had underestimated the number of Edge devices that it could sell. In fact, Samsung could not keep up with the demand for the Edge version. As of now, Samsung has already launched four such devices, the Note Edge, the S6 Edge, the S6 Edge + and the S7 Edge.  By introducing the Edge version in a gradual manner, it is doubted whether users will even care that there is no flat screen version for the latest Note 7.

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