Latest Samsung Pay Update Brings Two Vital Features

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has a new update that brings to life a number of new features, however, one of them requires that you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as your phone.

In the newest update, Samsung Pay has gained the ability to use the iris scanner during authenticating transactions. This is a feature that is only exclusive to the Galaxy Note 7, but the phone is still in trouble after it emerged that a number of units have been bursting into flames when charging or sometimes even when in pockets.

The South Korean tech giant has moved in with official replacement units for the Note 7, which are already up and running in the U.S. This is with respect to both carriers as well as retailer units. Still, those who want to take advantage of this iris scanning when using Samsung Pay can wait for the Galaxy Note 7 to resume selling as from next month, probably towards the end.

Apart from iris scanning, Samsung Pay has also been updated with a feature that allows for cloud syncing, something that allows for cloud restore. In short, users of Samsung Pay will be able to restore all info whenever they sign back in to the application. This information includes everything to do with membership, gift cards, as well as rewards cards – all of which will reappear automatically once you log in to the app.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has been on the rise thanks to the fast adoption of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge – two phones that have been carrying the headlines before the release of the Galaxy Note 7. The application is exclusive to Samsung phones, but it is also available on older flagships such as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6. The fact that it can be used in more places than the likes of Android Pay and Apple Pay has made it an even better option for mobile payments, however, being limited to Samsung devices leaves it on the losing end when compared to Android Pay, which is available on all Android devices, including Samsung handsets.

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