Samsung Galaxy S7 May Receive Android Nougat Update Sooner than Expected

Samsung Galaxy S7

With the issues surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is working hard to ensure that everything else about the Galaxy S7 is right, even it means pushing for an early Android Nougat update for the flagship.

It was previously rumored that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will lead the way when it comes to receiving Android Nougat updates, but with the issues troubling the phone, the story has now shifted to the Galaxy S7. Apparently, this news comes from a Geekbench 3 benchmark test, where the S7 is listed to be running on the latest Android Nougat OS.

This is very exciting for many owners of the flagship, especially since the OS was announced just a month ago, with the likes of Google Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X being the only devices able to download and install the update. LG V20 was announced as the first device to feature Android Nougat out of the box, but it has yet to be released. With the news of a Galaxy S7 that is powered by this OS, it shows how Samsung is focused on making things right for the masses out there.

In the new benchmarks, there seem to be some improvements courtesy of the new Android Nougat update. Apparently, the Marshmallow-powered Galaxy S7 had a score of 1900 on single-core tests while it managed 5300 on multi-core tests. With Android Nougat on board, the same phone managed a score of 2016 on single-core tests and a much better 5587 on multi-core tests.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat Update

One thing worth noting is that the phone in this benchmarking tests has an octa-core processor, meaning it is the Exynos 8890 model. In short, this version of the Galaxy S7 is not in the U.S. or even China, instead, it may be for the home country of South Korea or other European markets such as the UK.

Even though there is a Samsung Galaxy S7 that runs on Android Nougat, it doesn’t mean that the public version is already out. This is an early test version and it is possible that the update could also take months before showing up. But given that timeliness with which Samsung has been rolling out monthly updates to its flagship devices, it is possible that the same could be transferred to the Galaxy S7 with respect to Android Nougat updates. So, keep your fingers crossed.

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