Latest Twitter Update – You Can Now Retweet Your Past Tweets or Quotes

Twitter Mitigates the 140-Character Limit

Twitter has not been seeing the best of times in the tech industry, especially when it comes to gaining more traction. The app’s user base seems to have stagnated, with almost every move the executives make turning out unproductive.

Now, the company has now jumped to a new feature to try and up user interaction with the platform. The latest Twitter update will now see users retweet their past tweets or quotes, thus allowing them to re-share what already appeared on their followers’ timelines sometimes back.

This might sound like a cool feature to some, but not everyone would fancy the idea of having to “repeat” themselves. However, Facebook offers an almost similar feature with its memories feature that allows users to re-share a post they made one, two or three years ago. The good side of the story is that the social networking giant has only allowed for retweeting to happen only once. This means that your timeline won’t be cluttered with the same tweets and quotes from your followers repeatedly.

With the new update, Twitter users will also be able to quote-tweet themselves easily – something that will let them write a tweet while at the same time embedding another in it. This will eliminate the need to copy and paste the URL of an old tweet into the current tweet in order to proceed with quote-tweeting. In fact, the latest Twitter update only needs you to press the retweet button and follow it up by selecting “quote tweet.” Cool huh!

The update now goes live following last month’s announcement that it will indeed be coming to the platform. Other features that the company also said will be coming include the ability to remove photos as well as user names from character count in addition to the ability to change who sees tweets starting with a username. However, it is only the ability to retweet yourself that has been brought with the latest Twitter update.


Enhanced security on the latest Twitter update

In addition to bringing the self-retweet feature, the social network has also added a new layer of security. In the latest Twitter update, blocked users will no longer be able to see your tweets. In addition, the feature also prevents tweets from the blocked person from appearing on your timeline.

In the previous version, a third person retweeting a tweet by someone you’ve blocked or maybe retweets your tweet, just like you would be able to see it, the blocked person will also see your retweeted tweet courtesy of the third person. This update eliminates this shortfall, making it more secure and even better at privacy.

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