Latest Galaxy Note 7 Leak Highlights Samsung’s Riskiest Decisions

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has been in the limelight in the recent days thanks to the fact that a new Galaxy Note phone is looming.

There have been uncertainties regarding the release date of the successor to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well as its name and design. Now, a new leak seems to confirm all of these unanswered questions while at the same time highlighting some of the riskiest decisions that the South Korean company has taken.

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung will be holding a Galaxy Unpacked 2016 event on the second day of August 2016. This goes hand in hand with what renowned leaker Evan Blass had earlier said – that the next Galaxy Note will be here in early August. Of course, this will be the earliest Samsung has ever launched a Galaxy Note phone, however, it is a deliberate move by the Korean tech giant.

Following the success Samsung saw with the early launch of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the company is adamant that the same success can be replicated for the new Galaxy Note with an early launch. With the phablet expected to compete with the iPhone 7 Plus when it is released in September, having it in the market more than four weeks early will be a huge plus for the company as it will have time to sell the Note before a serious competitor jets in. This is a gamble that Samsung hopes will work for them just like it did with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Another thing the new leak seems to be confirming is the name of the upcoming phone alongside the design. We have previously reported that Samsung is working on two different screen designs for the 2016 Galaxy Note, something that would be echoing the likes of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge

In the leaked image, there is a phrase that says “the next edge is just around the corner.” This should be a no-brainer as it boldly confirms that the next Samsung Galaxy Note phone will feature curved edges, just like the Galaxy S7 Edge. There is no doubt that the curved dual-edge screens have been a revelation from Samsung and in essence, they have really helped in the company’s success in the recent times. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the company brought this technology to its highly successful phablet, just like it did in 2014 with the release of a Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge alongside it.

As far as the name of the next Samsung Galaxy Note is concerned, the leak shows a logo that is shaped like a Z, suggesting that indeed Samsung will be skipping the ‘6’ identifier in favor of ‘7’. With a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it will mean the company has successfully synced the names of its flagships such that all of them have the identifier ‘7’. This will also help with the company’s competition against the upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

So far, we can say that the upcoming phablet will be known as Samsung Galaxy Note 7. While we are confident that a Galaxy Note 7 Edge variant will be unveiled, it cannot be confirmed whether the company will also include a flat screen Galaxy Note 7 on the list, but hopefully, it does since not every Sammy lover is an enthusiast of the curved dual-edge screens.

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