The Latest Update for Skype Streamlines Its Video and VoIP Calls

Skype Video and VoIP Calls

Skype had announced some time back in July 2016 that the company is focusing on transitioning its app from its old, native peer form to a cloud architecture which is more modern and mobile friendly.

By keeping in line with its previous statement, the company seems to be moving towards pushing an update to the app which will now allow its users to make calls with much ease. A set of new updates will be rolling out in the upcoming weeks to the mobile version of Skype app. These updates aim at improving the way by which the users can make better video calls and voice calls using the most popular video and messaging app from Microsoft.

Skype Video and VoIP Calls

Call Initiator Can Hang Up

The latest update to the Skype app allows the person who had initiated a group call to hang up whenever they wish to. Previously, when the person who initiated a group call hung up on the call, the group call also got disconnected. But now, the call can be carried out with the other users staying on the call and it doesn’t necessarily need the person who initiated the call to stay on call for it to continue. This feature will be available to the updated version of the Skype app on all its platforms.

Call Phones is Now Calls Tab

Microsoft is bent on streamlining all its call features and also the types of calls made by using the Skype app. The tab which read ‘Call Phones’ will now be called as just the ‘Calls’ tab. The company mentioned in its official blog post that by using the Calls tab, the users will have access to making fast and simpler calls at just a single tap. The Calls tab can be used to make all types of calls including the Skype-to-Skype audio calls or video calls, which are completely free of cost. The users can also make calls to the landline and mobile numbers, but it will require the users to use Skype Credit. The company further added that purchasing the Skype Credit will be much easier with this new update. The updated ‘Calls’ tab feature will be first rolling out to the Android version of Skype, followed thereafter on the iOS platform.

Skype Update

As the traditional voicemail is plunging down with video calling rising up, the developers at Skype have made a few nifty enhancements to the mobile version of the app which will allow the users to leave a video message instead of a voicemail. The users also have the option of leaving a chat message, which depends on the pace and interest of the user. The video or chat message will be natively integrated into the chat when the user tries to make a group call or call an individual person. Though the traditional voicemail will still remain as an option, the support for the customary voicemail greetings, SMS transcription, and e-mail notifications will no longer be available with the latest version of the Skype app.

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