What are the Latest Updates that Viber has to Offer for Windows?


Viber is a very popular chatting app on smartphones irrespective of platform, and is next only to WhatsApp in terms of usage rate.

The app recently rolled out a number of interesting updates for its Windows handsets. Already available for Android and iOS platforms, Windows is actually a tad late to receive these updates. It must be noted that these updates feature in the Viber 6.2 version found on those devices operating on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Developers are continuously working on the beta version of the app that is currently available to fix bugs that you may possibly encounter. The beta version can be downloaded from the Windows store of your smartphone to explore the new features.


One of the major updates that Viber 6.2 has to offer is on the stickers front. If you are a bit uncertain of how a sticker will actually appear when you send it, then this update can help you put your fears at bay. If you have the new version installed, you can now have a preview of how the sticker you choose will appear before you send it. This can assure you that you are sending the right sticker to depict the right mood. Apart from the preview mode, there are other interesting modifications made to the stickers. You can now share a pack of stickers with your chat mate. Similarly, if you accidentally delete a free or a purchased sticker pads, Viber now helps you out with an option to restore them.

The second update is a really crucial update as far as Viber is concerned. The company has been receiving various complaints of late about the app crashing unexpectedly when a lot of short text messages are sent in very little time. Viber has addressed these issues in its 6.2 version and now offers its users the privilege of uninterrupted usage.

Like all earlier versions, Viber 6.2 supports the concept of hidden chats. However, what is new in this version is the inclusion of a notification icon that lets you know of new messages happening in those chats. This way, you can be sure of not accidentally missing out on any interesting conversation happening within the hidden chats.

Another major update that this wonderful chatting app offers is something that helps it gain an extra point over WhatsApp. While WhatsApp is yet to introduce the concept of video calling, this is one of the updates rolled out by Viber. In fact, this update featured in Viber 6.1 itself, the version that was released before the one currently available. Thanks to this, you can now speak to your family and loved ones with HD sound quality and also see them at the same time. This can create a feeling of sitting right to the person you are talking with and enjoying a face to face conversation. To make calls to contacts outside the Viber network, you can use the Viber Out service for a reasonable fee.

With the Viber version for Windows 10, you can share your smartphone screen with your desktop. This means you can handle both your smartphone and desktop with a single screen. Some other appealing new features are extra-large sized emoticons and ability to send gif files. In the former case, an emoticon appears larger than when sent along with a text message or another emoticon. This can make the conversation flow more expressive than usual. With gif file support, your conversations are bound to get livelier than you imagined because you can send and receive animated images to add life to those line after line monotonous texts.

Some other trivial yet worthy updates comprise end to end encryption that makes sure your chats are quite secure, integration of the People app and the ability to delete a sent message before it reaches the intended person.


Although there have been requests for introducing a specific dark colored theme for the chat background, Viber 6.2 has not yet addressed this issue. This is yet to be considered in all three Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

Apart from free download option being made available from the app store, there are many third party websites that claim to provide you with the same. However, it is personally recommended that you try the update from the app store first before turning to these resources.

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