Latest WhatsApp for iOS Update Adds Deeper Siri Integration – There’s more

WhatsApp iOS Beta

If you thought WhatsApp developers are only busy with updating the Android version of the app, well, there is some great news for those on the iPhone.

The Facebook-owned app has made some serious strides with the latest move that sees the addition of deeper Siri integration to the application. Apparently, those using WhatsApp will from now on be able to ask Siri to more tasks for them than before. Things like sending a message or even making a voice call will no longer be your role, instead, Apple’s virtual assistant will take care of things.

The new update means that you can simply issue Siri a command to send your friend a message or initiate a WhatsApp voice call. It gets even better as the chat app has also received an update that allows answering of calls directly from the lock screen, just like with the case of normal phone calls.

The deeper integration of Siri is not the end, but there is more. WhatsApp for iOS users can also speak the same language as Windows Phone users as the update also adds the ability to quickly forward videos and photos to contacts when in a chat. It gets even better as this feature does not just allow for sharing with single contacts, but there is room for sending the photos and videos to multiple contacts at once.

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The latest version also comes with a new widget that lets users jump to a recent chat or check which chats’ messages have not been read so far. When you want to forward a message, the updated WhatsApp will bring up a list of frequently contacted persons so that you can pick any from them. Furthermore, when recording a video or taking a snapshot, a double tap on the screen will switch between the front and rear-facing cameras.

The latest version of WhatsApp for iOS that comes with these updates has number 2.16.10. So, make sure you have installed this version in order to enjoy these updates, otherwise, you may have to check out for the updated version in the App Store. Alternatively, there is the option of getting the beta version of the app, which always has the latest features on board, but keep in mind that it might some unstable performances along the way.

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