WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone Adds OneDrive Support, New Camera Shortcut


Windows Phone users of WhatsApp finally have something to smile about as a new update is set to free up some real storage space on their phones.

In the latest update, WhatsApp Beta has picked up a new feature that lets users create their backups on OneDrive. This eliminates the era of backing up chats on local storage of the phone, something that meant it was a lot easy getting an 8GB or 16GB storage phone filled up. Now that OneDrive has been integrated, it means WhatsApp users on Windows Phone have more storage space since chats can now be logged online.

Before this update, the feature was only available on Android and iOS, with the former making use of Google Drive while the latter sticking to its own iCloud. Like with the case of other platforms, those using WhatsApp on Windows Phone will be able to create daily, weekly or even monthly backups. It is also possible to disable the feature such that no backups are created whatsoever. Users can also choose between creating backups when connected via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

To enable the feature, head to Settings>Chat and Security>Backup, but as noted earlier, only beta testers can access and use this feature for now.


Another new feature that has gone live in the latest WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone is a new Camera icon. This feature now lets users of the app share photos or videos directly from the chat list by hitting the camera icon. This eliminates the need to keep on entering the chat whenever you want to share a photo as it lets you click on a photo or video right from a chat and share it directly.

The new feature has more to its belt as it also allows sharing of photos and videos with multiple contacts. After a video or picture is captured, there is room to select multiple contacts to share the content with them at once, unlike the current version where users can only select one contact and add a video or image as an attachment.

Like the feature on OneDrive, only those on WhatsApp Beta program can take advantage of this camera feature.

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