Latest Windows 10 Update Lets You Remove Preinstalled Apps

Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 is now more than a year old since it was first unveiled to the public. Boasting great improvements and new features when compared to the previous operating systems, this OS has been labeled as the best ever yet to come from the Redmond Company.

Despite all the goodies that come along with Windows 10, there are some downsides of the OS, just like it has been with any other great product from not just Microsoft, but also many other tech giants including Apple and Google.

Like any other OS, there are a number of preinstalled apps on Windows 10, most of which are rarely used by those with the OS on their PCs. Apps like Mail and Groove Music can be replaced with the likes of Google’s Gmail and Spotify, respectively, however, doing this will only be adding more apps on your PC and thus consuming more storage space.

Well, like Apple did with the new iOS 10 where users can uninstall stock apps, a new Microsoft Windows 10 update is coming where users will be able to get rid of these annoying apps that come preinstalled on the OS. The update, which contains build number 14936, will let you ditch the likes of Mail, Calculator, Maps, Groove Music, Calendar, and Weather. Unfortunately, you will still have to deal with Cortana, Camera, Alarm & Clock as well as Messaging apps, among others.

Nonetheless, the new Windows 10 update will be a huge welcome for many out there who are already using the OS as it will help with creating more storage room for other apps and files. For example, Microsoft says that Mail and Calendar alone can take up to 213MB, memory that can be used to store volumes of photos and other files. The good side of the story is that even if you remove the apps from your Windows 10 PC, there is still room to get them from the Windows App Store, just in case you still need them.

Windows 10

The upcoming Windows 10 build has no release date yet, but there is a beta version already up for grabs via the company’s Insider Program. However, be warned that since this is a beta version, you may experience unstable performances. So, it is advisable to sit tight and wait for the new and stable version to be pushed out, which shouldn’t take long from now.

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