Launch of OnePlus 3 Mini – End to the Rumors Once and For All by Co Founder Pei in Twitter

Launch of OnePlus 3 Mini

The co founder of OnePlus has finally put an end to rumors regarding the launch of a new OnePlus 3 Mini phone.

The co founder, Pei, tweeted about a report saying “No. #rumorshutdown”.

New Device Rumors

Earlier, one of the GFXBench listings had shown a new smartphone device having specifications that were similar to the OnePlus 3. The listing gave rise to speculations that the Chinese tech company was on the verge of unveiling the mini variant of the OnePlus 3.

Features of the Mini Variant

According to the listings, it was noted that the new OnePlus 3 Mini would come in a display screen of 4.6 inches, Full HD. It would have a front camera of 8 MP and a rear camera of 16 MP. The quad core, Snapdragon, 820 processor would power the smartphone and this would be combined with a graphics card, Adreno, 530 GPU. The phone was supposed to come with an internal storage of 64 GB and a RAM of 6 GB.

Similar to the OnePlus 3

The specs are similar to the OnePlus 3, but the latter comes with a bigger display of 5.5 inches. The processor is the same for the OnePlus 3 as well as the projected Mini version, but they have different core numbers and clocking speed. The specifications of the camera are the same or both. The primary camera is the top r of the OnePlus 3 and manages to put the phone right in line with other flagship models, such as the S7 Edge from Samsung and the G5 from LG, but available at half the price of these phones.

OnePlus 3 Mini

Cause of the Speculations

The rumors and speculations about the Mini variant seem to be justified, as something on similar lines had occurred after the OnePlus 2 had been launched. Right after the launch of the OnePlus 2, there was a new device spotted and there were claims that it was the Mini version of the OnePlus 2. However, it later turned out that the rumors were false and it was the OnePlus X. Pei has, however, taken to Twitter and made it absolutely clear that there is no OnePlus3 Mini in the offing.

Latest Update to be Phased

On another note, the OnePlus is offering the next update for the OnePlus 3 smartphone. This is the version 3.2.2 of Oxygen operating system. It is the second one from the time the phone was officially unveiled in the early part of June this year. The new update offers enhanced management of notifications in Doze, also bringing in some important security patches.

Battery Issues

The latest update is an incremental one and will be rolled to the users in the form of phases. It should soon reach all the OnePlus 3 devices within a short time. However, it is not yet clear whether the new update will address the problem of battery drain being faced by some of the users of the OnePlus 3. Many users have complained about battery draining problems after updating to the 3.2.1 version of Oxygen OS.

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