Samsung Galaxy S Smartphones – End of the Flat Screen Era – Moving on to Curved Displays – A Flexible Phone Next Year

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung has recently dropped a hint saying that the company is planning to completely give up the flat screen of the S phones and go with the curved display for the variants.

Dong jinKoh, the chief of mobile for Samsung Galaxy came up with these hints.

Ditching Flat Screens

According to Dong jinKoh, Samsung has decided to make its edge display as its identity for the S lineup. The company will be thus able to offer consumers a different user experience with user-friendly features connected with the curved display screen. Koh offered this information during a press interview.

Edge Versions

The S6 and the S7 released last year and this year respectively both come with the Edge version as well as the basic counterpart. However, it has been seen that the Edge variants were more popular in both the cases, when compared to the standard versions. This had emboldened the company to launch the Note 7 with the dual edge curved display screen, but it will no longer have the name Edge in the device.

Experimenting the Edge Model

This is a kind of experiment that Samsung Galaxy is conducting, before it goes all out and offers just one model of the S8 next year, coming with only curved display screen.

Samsung Galaxy S Smartphones

Early Rumors on the Note 7

In early April this year, there were rumors that the company was testing both the curved and the flat displays for the new Note 7. They had planned on releasing any one of the two variants. The edge version is the winner and the company is no longer considering the flat version. Samsung is very confident in offering only one variant with a dual curved edge for the Note 7. The company planned to enter into a mass production of the Note 7 last month and then have about five million mobile devices for the release this month.

Folding and Flexing

The Note 7 has been the talk of the town recently. It was recently unwrapped in an event held on August 2nd in New York. The next release of the company is the S8, which will be launched in the early part of next year. However, the spotlight will be on the Galaxy X next year. The Galaxy X will come in several models and will be the first phones that are totally flexible, so you can fold and even flex them. Galaxy has been trying to develop this particular technology for several years now and it will finally be ready for the consumers next year.

Galaxy X and NoteS8

Will the Galaxy X affect the sales of the S8 and will it replace the phone. This does not seem possible, as the S brand occupies a very prominent place among consumers. The X brand will probably be another side brand. Yet, if the X brand is truly flexible, it could bring about a huge response from consumers.

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