Leaked: Apple Siri Could be Coming to OS X

Apple Siri

The iOS-exclusive Apple Siri could soon be available on Mac PCs as well, this is according to a newly leaked report courtesy of Medium.

In a surprise turn of events, it has emerged that the Apple Siri, the company’s virtual digital assistant, might soon be accessible to Apple desktop and laptop users. This is true thanks to the fact that she happens to be talking about a Finder folder. Apparently, the digital assistant has gained some PC-related information, which is strange given that it is entirely focused on the iOS niche.

According to developer Brian Roemmele, the latest Apple Siri version has some interesting feedback when commanded to open apps in a window, which is a feature not associated with iOS. As noted earlier, Siri is limited to iOS and as such, it should have no clue of what a Window is. However, based on her response, it is easy to say that Apple is indeed working on bringing the assistant to OS X.

Usually, when asked something that she doesn’t really know, Apple Siri would suggest looking for more information about your question from the web. However, the latest version does respond differently, claiming that there was no app called Finder on the phone. But why is Apple Siri talking about the Finder folder, something associated with OS X?

Apple Siri

There is definitely one answer for that – Apple is working behind the scenes to bring Siri to its desktops and laptops, something that we might see during the upcoming WWDC 2016. Finder is basically the default file manager and GUI shell that is related to OS X, but it has no place on iOS at the moment.

Moving Apple Siri to the desktop environment would be a huge move for Cupertino as it looks to take shape in the digital assistants industry that also the likes of Cortana and Google Now, all of which are available on PCs.

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