Leaked benchmarks suggest Moto M2 could feature a 4.6-inch 1080p display screen, 4GB RAM and 32GB storage

Moto M2

In November 2016, Lenovo released the Moto M, but this phone has not been easy to come by thanks to the fact that it’s sold in a limited number of markets.

The Moto M shipped with model number XT1662 and came in with a 5.5-inch Full HD display screen, but according to a new listing on GFXBench, there’s a different model of this same phone with a smaller 4.6-inch display screen and same Full HD resolution. What is interesting here is that the newly leaked Moto M phone has the same model number XT1662, which makes it easy to rule out that this is the new Moto M2 that is expected to be unveiled in October.

Recent reports had suggested that the company is working on a new Moto M2 that will be available in more markets compared to the original model, but the leaked model has quite a number of similarities with the original Moto M and not just the model number.

From the listing, the same Helio P10 and Helio P15 used on the 2016 model are also used, but rather than the 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM combination, the newly leaked model has 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. The original model had a 4GB RAM variant, but this was paired with 64GB of storage, which adds even more to the uncertainty of this leaked phone.

The Moto M had two processor variants, just like what has been listed here. In the new listing, the alleged Moto M2 has an Helio P10 model that is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow and an Helio P15 variant that has Android 7.0 Nougat. The same RAM and storage are used. There are no changes on the megapixel count of the cameras, where the back has a 16MP shooter and the front has an 8MP lens, but unlike the original Moto M which only managed 1080p video recording, this 4.6-inch model supports up to 4K video recording.

It’s strange to see the Moto M appearing in benchmarks with different specs, but as noted, recent reports have suggested that the Moto M2 is on the horizon. It’s also possible that the company could be working on a different variant of the phone to be released in markets other than India and China, where the original Moto M was released. In short, nothing is certain here, but we should get clearer details sooner or later.


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