Honda and Hitachi Sign Partnership to Develop Electric Motors


Developing electric motors and the associated technology so that cars could actually become autonomous is something technology companies should take care of.

Honda has signed a partnership with Hitachi so that both companies could create electric motors which will be sold to other automobile brands.

The new company has been named Hitachi Automotive Motor Systems Limited and sticking true to their name, these companies would establish a brand new name in the world of automobiles. If everything goes according to plan, the newly established company would start supplying motors to many entry level models and automobile brands that like to step into the world of EVs. The companies have invested close to £34 million to develop new technologies to push electric motors towards perfection. A major, 51 percent to be exact is held by Hitachi as the professionals in it will take care of development and deploying those components as planned.


Honda has been continuously investing in multiple sources to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Tesla pioneered the idea and now Audi, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen among all the top tier companies are already showing enough interest in developing fully electric vehicles that rely on the motor and battery to deliver the expected horsepower. Earlier, Honda worked with General Motors, one of the biggest automobile brands to develop a fuel cell system which will be implemented in their cars in 2020.

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While the partnership between Honda and Hitachi has been firmly established, neither company has announced when they actually plan to launch their first ever electric motor in the market. Obviously, the experimental phase will be carried out in Honda cars and its success may drive other automobile manufacturers to acquire the technology from Hitachi for their own vehicles. Companies that have small, budget friendly cars who wish to electrify them may not invest millions to do the research. The new partnership is aiming at those brands that need a quick, cost efficient solution to jump on the electric car bandwagon.


“Our aim is to meet the growing global demand from automakers and provide the solution they need. These electric motors will be versatile to suit a wide range of cars and chassis so that it could be adopted widely irrespective of the brands or the technology they have been using so far,” read a statement. Meanwhile, Tesla is ready to start delivering its Model 3, the cheapest EV to have hit the market with increased mile range pushing other companies to follow suit.

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