Leaked: HTC Smartwatch to be Unveiled in Early June

HTC smartwatch

It has previously been speculated that the HTC smartwatch is dead, however, the latest reports have something contrary to the wearable world.

According to notorious smartphone leaker Evan Blass who goes by the Twitter handle @evleaks, HTC is still working on coming in with a smartwatch. If this is true, Blass is adamant that the HTC smartwatch will be here in early June. Given the amazing track record of Blass as far as predicting new devices is concerned, it can be hard to dismiss this rumor. However, it can also be hard to believe this new rumor especially since the same person had previously claimed that the HTC smartwatch would be here in February and then later in April, all of which failed to materialize.

This device has been coming for more than three years now and if it truly makes it to the market, it will bring down these speculations and rumors. Back in 2013, it was reported that HTC would soon release a camera-packed smartwatch. Surprisingly, this was even before the launch of Android Wear. The following year, Android Wear was launched and HTC appeared on the list of manufacturers partnering with Google to make the wearables a reality.

Later on in 2014, HTC went public by admitting that its wearable products line had been canceled. The following year was not the best for the company’s overall business, spearheaded by the poor sales of the HTC One M9. As a result, no talk of an HTC smartwatch showed up. This year has seen the Taiwanese company unveil a new HTC 10 smartphone – a device that has already been heaped with praise for its finesse and powerful specs, among other things. It seems HTC wants to capitalize on this early success of the HTC 10 by coming in with a smartwatch.

HTC smartwatch

It might even get better for HTC as rumors suggest that the company will be in charge of making the Google Nexus 2016, believed to be two devices. The fact that HTC will be known to every Nexus user might improve the chances of having its smartwatch attract a wide user base as well, but this cannot be guaranteed.

If Blass’ words materialize, this time, HTC will have no choice but to follow up the impressive HTC 10 with an even cooler smartwatch in order to get the attention of the market. For starters, the new HTC smartwatch will probably be powered by a new version of Android Wear. There are also some reports that surfaced last year, with claims that the smartwatch will have a rounded display.

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