Leaked Samsung Gear VR Headset (SM-R323) to Launch with Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7

Every smartphone enthusiast is aware that a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be launched in the next few weeks. As the world waits for this huge day, more and more details about this phablet keep showing up.

There have been details from benchmarking sites showing some lousy combination of features that are supposedly meant for the Galaxy Note 7. It has also been reported that quite a number of technological changes and advancements will be made with the release of this device, something that has happened before with respect to the Galaxy Note series. We expect to see Samsung ditching the use of microUSB ports in favor of the future-proof USB Type-C connectors. There is also news that the Galaxy Note 7 will be the first to feature a larger screen size when compared to its predecessors.

With innovative technology being the driving factor of Samsung’s push into the mobile world in recent days, the company is keen to see this message amplified with the release of Galaxy Note 7. It happened with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but things like USB Type-C, dual-lens camera, a new TouchWiz UI and iris scanning technology are expected to make the Note 5’s successor a major hit. The possible changes in the connectors used on the phone (from microUSB to USB Type-C) has also raised questions regarding the phone’s compatibility with the Gear VR headset.

Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy Note 7

Apparently, all Samsung Gear VR headsets can work with select Samsung Galaxy phones, including last year’s flagships. However, the gadget depends on a microUSB for connectivity, something that won’t work with the Type-C port on the Galaxy Note 7. As a result, it has emerged that Samsung is working on a new Gear VR headset with a USB Type-C connector – a device that will be launched alongside the Note 7 this coming month of August.

According to the latest reports, there is a new Samsung Gear VR headset with model number SM-R323. This is the obvious successor to the current Gear VR headset with model number SM-R322 and the older SM-R321. While there are no clear details on what hardware changes the new headset comes with, the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 will not be compatible with the current microUSB-based VR headsets suggests that this new SM-R323 model could indeed be meant for the Type-C-based Galaxy Note 7 and other models to be released in 2017.

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