LeEco Says Faraday Future Will Show Production Model by 2017

Faraday Future

Faraday Future made some enormous claims during their official reveal and according to LeEco the company might showcase its production model as early as 2017.

LeEco hosted a press event today during which the company showcased a whole lot of products right form smartphones to smart bikes. The brand was speculated to unveil an electric car with autonomous driving capability but they didn’t reveal such a car till the end. According to an earlier announcement, the company’s CEO Yueting Jia was supposed to drive the EV onto the stage but he didn’t.

Faraday Future

Despite the disappointing show where we didn’t have the opportunity to see any self-driving cars, LeEco had some interesting tidbits to share. The brand confirmed that their partner company Faraday Future will be ready with a production version by next year. LeEco has its own autonomous concept car named the LeSee Pro. But, the only edition of the car was stuck in shooting for Transformers 5 and couldn’t make its way to the U.S. reveal.

While the executives tried to show a LeSee Pro first edition model at the tech expo, they couldn’t do it because the car got damaged during transit and wasn’t fit for public showcase. The brand is confident that buyers will be able to experience a whole new level of comfort when they travel in this car. It is more of a living room or an office space as the people onboard need it.

Equipped with the best self-driving technology, the car will have large touchscreens mounted on all sides. The driver and passengers can customize the content they like on these screens. Besides, they can also play movies, music among other stuff. There is even an option to watch powerpoint presentations, slideshows or official content making it easier to finish business stuff on the go.

LeEco LeSEE Autonomous EV Concept

The autonomous vehicles are designed in such a way that the driver can take control of the vehicle whenever required and make changes. Some may argue that such a vehicle is not fully autonomous but it is mandatory for people to actually believe and start using self-driving cars without hesitation. As long as they have the ability to start driving the car, stop it or steer its directions, buyers will go for such models without second thoughts. The futuristic autonomous cars can also be controlled using smartphones and tablets. The Faraday Future model is expected to be revealed at the CES 2017 expo.

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