Nintendo NX Official Launch Trailer is Coming in Next 24 Hours

Nintendo NX Official Launch

Nintendo of America, the official Twitter handle of the game hardware developer made an exciting announcement today.

The most awaited launch of them all, the new Nintendo NX console is about to take play within 24 hours. The timing might vary from one region to another. So, make sure you fix the right spot based on your zone and catch the official launch trailer for the new hybrid console. Nintendo is going the most unusual route that most hardware manufacturers are scared to explore. Sony has abandoned PS Vita while Microsoft has never had a handheld console.

Nintendo NX

According to rumors that emerged in the past few months, the NX console is a handheld device which also doubles as a home console. The powerful device will use Nvidia Tegra chip and will let players game on the go like the PS Vita. But, we assume the overall size of the product will be much bigger with a 6-inch screen or so. Such an experience will be highly immersive especially when you can experience Mario and other exclusive titles on the go.

Once back home, players can connect the Nintendo NX console to a big screen television. The controllers will be sold separately. It is also speculated that it will work with all Wii motes making it easy for players who already own the controller to start gaming. The same console will render full 1080p resolution gaming or probably less. With the company’s cartoon like games, we may hardly miss the graphical fidelity associated with PS4 or Xbox One games.

The NX is a small console with detachable controllers while additional controllers and other peripherals will be revealed tomorrow, we hope so! Nintendo of America confirmed that the first reveal trailer will be showcased at 7 am PT, 10 am ET. The same announcement was made in the company’s Japanese Twitter handle as well.

Nintendo NX Official Launch

Such exciting times for a gamer! Microsoft has launched Xbox One S and Sony has its PS4 Pro but Nintendo NX is obviously to going to compete on its own. There are no direct competitors for this handheld, home console that is setting new trends for an entirely new generation of gamers. We can easily say that if successful, NX will once again change the way people game and bring in a new era of handheld gaming experience. Smartphones and tablets could never compete with an actual console. The NX should stand proof to this claim.

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