Lenovo Reveals 3 ThinkPad P Laptops, One Ready for VR : P51 P51s and P71 : Robust and Reliable Performance

Lenovo ThinkPad P Laptops

Lenovo has just revealed three new laptops in the ThinkPad P Lineup, with one of them built for virtual reality experience.

Lenovo unveiled the ThinkPad P series at the Solidworks conference 2017. One of the models of the ThinkPad P series is a powerful device capable of creating its own virtual reality content. The P71 is the device that is ready for virtual reality.

ThinkPad P series

ThinkPad P71

The ThinkPad P71 from Lenovo is said to be the successor to the P70, which was released in the year 2015. The Lenovo P70 itself was a very powerful device with Xeon chipset and the NvidiaQuadro graphics card. The new successor, the ThinkPad P71, comes with upgraded features of the earlier processor and graphics card. This enables the laptop to receive certifications for virtual reality from Nvidia and Oculus as well as HTC.

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ThinkPad P71 VR Ready

According to Bob Pette, the Professional visualization Vice President, content creators who work with tough virtual reality workflows need the most reliable and powerful performance from their devices. The new ThinkPad P71 from Lenovo comes with a GPU based on the Quadro Pascal and offers the necessary features as well as performance and memory that is needed for creation of a compelling experience in virtual reality.

At the Solidworks conference, Lenovo demonstrated the VR solutions of its new laptop, along with the partners, Virtalis as well as DotProduct.

ThinkPad P51s

This device offers a touchscreen experience. It is 15.6 inches in dimension and offers options for touch as well as non-touch screen display. It can also be configured to resolutions of 1080 pixels or to a 4K resolution. The laptop is light at 4.3 pounds and is powered by the 7th gen Intel Core chipset and the NvidiaQuadro M520M GPU. It has a RAM of 32 GB and storage of 1 TB.

ThinkPad P51

Lenovo has also revealed the ThinkPad P51, which is also 15.6 inches screen. It offers options of two processors, the Xeon chipset and the 7th gen Intel Core chipset. The display has three options of Full HD, a 4K resolution or a touch display. The laptop weighs around 5.6 pounds and has 4 memory slots. The NvidiaQuadro M2200M GPU is more powerful when compared to the GPU of the P51s.

Release and Price

Lenovo also claims that all the three devices will come with a dual fan cooling system. It will have a memory of 2400 MHz, DDR4 memory, which is the fastest seen in a mobile device.

Lenovo ThinkPad P Laptops

The P51s will be released in markets next month, coming at an affordable price of $1049. The other two devices, the P51 and the P71, will be released in April. They will be costlier coming at a price of $1399 in case of the P51 and $1849 for the P71.

Covering All Markets

The three new devices from Lenovo, the Lenovo ThinkPad P series trio, cover all markets. It is the perfect solution for those in search for a good laptop ready for virtual reality. The series also offers the others a device for other users who are only looking for a powerful laptop with high end specifications, and not too concerned about VR features.

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