Lenovo Tab 4 Pre-order Begins on Amazon, NewEgg

Lenovo Tab 4 Pre-order

The Lenovo Tab 4 was announced at the Mobile World Congress this year.

The innovation had gone down with tablets because the market has considerably come down from the time of iPads and Google Nexus devices.

Now, tablets are just secondary devices that people buy now and then to satisfy their multimedia requirements. Companies like Samsung and Lenovo are the only ones making tablets these days while everyone else has retired from the race. The Lenovo Tab 4 is one of the newest products from the brand which will be available in two different sizes. One of them is the compact, iPad Mini like 8-inch model which is priced at $129. The pricing is quite cheap and affordable. Another one is much bigger at 10.1-inch display which will set you back by $179.

Lenovo Tab 4

In terms of specifications, it is evident that Lenovo didn’t had plans to push it any further. After all, trying to make an expensive tablet in this time would simply hurt sales. Instead, they have focused on keeping it to the basics that brought the price tag considerably. Under the casing, the Lenovo Tab 4 series is powered by the entry level Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor combined with 2 GB of RAM.

When smartphones are pushing the boundaries so much with 4GB or even 8GB of RAM, just 2 gigabytes of memory is such a bad choice for a tablet. The primary purpose of these large screened devices is to make it easy to browse the internet, watch Youtube videos and play games. The limited memory is sure to be such a bottleneck as the tablet is bound to slow down as soon as you open multiple apps, especially considering the processor used in it.

Both devices have 16 gigabytes of internal storage space but thankfully they support micro SD card slot which should be more than enough to add a large memory card to increase the storage space. The tablets are powered by Android 7.1 Nougat operating system which is a welcome addition. Lenovo doesn’t support their devices with quick updates even though Motorola, owned by the same company is always at the forefront to roll out latest Android upgrades.

Lenovo Tab 4 Pre-order

The listing is now available on Amazon and Newegg making Lenovo Tab 4 devices available for customers in the United States. The devices are expected to cater to the low end and mid-range tablet lovers but may not impress anyone in terms of performance except for the basic tasks.

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