LG G4 Android M Update Common Issues and Possible Solutions

LG G4 Android 6.0 Marshmallow

LG G4 Android M updates started rolling out quite some time back as the company was laying the ground for the release of the new LG G5.

However, since the rolling out takes place in phases, there are even some users who are yet to receive the update as of now. This is true because the update first goes through carrier-based testing after coming out of Google labs, which surely takes some time. Nevertheless, many LG G4 users have already upgraded to the latest Marshmallow OS.

Obviously, this OS brings lots of goodies to last year’s flagship, but it also brings along some issues to the G4. If you have been experiencing any weird performances with your G4 after updating to the new Android M OS, don’t fret for you are not alone. To help you out, we have narrowed down the most common LG G4 Android Marshmallow problems and their possible solutions.

Delayed LG G4 Marshmallow updates

While there is a doubt that the update has been quite amazing for many, some G4 users are not quite happy with the update. For starters, there are others who are mad that they haven’t yet received the update, weeks into others receiving them. Well, unless you are on a carrier-locked phone, go to the Settings app and tap on About then System Updates when connected to the internet. If the new OS upgrade is available, you will receive it.

Another option is to go for the LG Bridge program and install it on your PC to keep checking for updates. It has helped many T-Mobile users; it can do the same for you. However, for the update to work your device must not be rooted or even have a custom recovery or kernel running. The system apps must also be in place, if not, reinstate them before proceeding with the Marshmallow upgrade.

LG G4 Marshmallow

MMS bug

Once the G4 receives the new Android 6.0 update, there are some people who have noted that it starts developing issues with MMS services. To go around this, try getting a new SMS app, otherwise, you may have to reset your phone.

Battery issues

Android M is known for its battery saving capabilities, but it seems the story is different for LG G4 users. However, this software comes with battery life issues like any other new software update would do. In case you come across this, first make sure all apps installed on your G4 are up to date. Also, check the Battery app to find out stats on how apps are using power.

Connectivity issues

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most basic wireless connections used on smartphones. However, they seem to be having issues on LG G4 once the phone is updated to the new Android M. If you come across this problem, just head to the Settings and check the Wi-Fi network causing issues. Simply forget it and establish a new connection. If the problem persists, forget the network again and then switch off the Wi-Fi connection. Restart the phone and then reconnect to the network. If this doesn’t help, go to your router and restart it.

For Bluetooth, simply re-pair any connection that is having problems.


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