LG G5 Review – Common Problems and Possible Fixes


LG G5 came in to surprise many with its unique modular design that allows an array of accessories known as LG Friends to be added to the device to improve its functionality.

While plaudits have been coming its way for its design as well as top notch hardware specs, the phone still faces some problems – problems that are somehow common when it comes to new devices and software as well. As a result, we have taken some time to dig more into these problems and their possible solutions with respect to the LG G5.

Missing App drawer

If your LG G5 doesn’t have an app drawer, there is nothing to worry about. Just launch the LG SmartWorld app and search for the latest version of LG Home 4.0 launcher. Download and install it on your phone and the app drawer should be back. Also, you can head to Display Settings and while in there tap on “Home screen>Home>EasyHome” to bring back the app drawer.

If any of these aren’t your preference, there are lots of third party launchers available for free download from the Google Play Store – all of which will bring back the app drawer to your LG G5.

Backlight bleeding

LG G5 users have reportedly been experiencing what is known as backlight bleeding. This is an issue related to the LCD panel of the phone where bright patches appear around the screen’s corners and edges. Users are reporting a blooming issue when pressing the touch screen – something that happens to cause distortion.


You can use the Backlight Bleed Test app to check if this problem is affecting your LG G5 and if yes, make sure you contact the responsible parties to solve the problem, be LG, the retailer or carrier.

Nonresponsive LED notifications

There are also some incidences where users are reporting that the LED doesn’t light up when a notification comes in. Surprisingly, this is only affecting downloaded apps while stock apps are just fine. To solve this problem, press the Home button and then head to Tools>Settings>Sound tab and while in there hit the Notification LED. Go ahead and activate the LED lights for the notifications simply by hitting the Notification LED switch. After this set the notification type such that the LED light flashes when there is a notification.

If this is too much hassle for you, there is always a way out and this comes in the shape of a Google Play Store app known as Light flow app. With this app, you can easily manage the notifications of your LG G5.

Connectivity problems

Connectivity issues are very common with software updates and related stuff. But as for the LG G5, there really isn’t much to say about software updates apart from monthly Android security updates. In case you experience any Wi-Fi issues, you can try turning off the router and back on again. Do the same for the phone as well. Also, make sure that this option is not disabled by heading to Power saving settings.


Using the Wi-Fi analyzer app, it is possible to tell how crowded a given network is and as a result, you can opt to switch to a less-congested network for better connectivity. Apart from ensuring that your LG G5 is updated with the latest firmware, also ensure that the same is true for the router by heading over to the device’s official website. You can also forget the current Wi-Fi network and reestablish a fresh connection.

Wi-Fi connection issues can also be brought about by having the device’s MAC address disabled. So, go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and under the Advanced option, you can find out if its allowed access to the router via the Mac filter. As for those with Bluetooth related issues, make sure all settings are fine or even delete any pairings and start them afresh.

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