Rumors: iPhone 7 Might Include a 3.5mm Headphone Jack After All

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After numerous rumors have claimed that the upcoming iPhone 7 will possibly come without a 3.5mm headphone jack and instead rely on a Lightning port for audio transmission, well, it seems the upcoming flagship might probably keep this universally accepted port after all.

According to the latest design leaks of a purported iPhone 7 cable coming from China, there seems to be some space carved out for the 3.5mm headphone jack port. The information comes from a Chinese source courtesy of Weibo, the country’s leading social networking platform.

Before the latest revelations, previous leaks had all been in favor of a Lightning port in place of the globally used 3.5mm headphone port. Apple had been rumored to be working on a Lightning-connected EarPods to be used by the new iPhone 7. This meant that any accessory maker targeting the new iPhone had to come in with Lightning headphones or miss out on the potential of making huge sums of money out of the iPhone 7 sales.

There are even further rumors that point towards Bluetooth EarPods to be used with this upcoming iPhone. The EarPods are meant to charge via the Lightning port of the phone, however, there are also some recent rumors that claim the company will drop the Smart Connector idea introduced on the iPad Pro. With this feature, it is possible to attach third party accessories such as the Bluetooth EarPods and charge them via the Lightning port.

Apple iPhone 7 rumors

There are some major differences in between the leaked iPhone 7 cable and that used on the iPhone 6S, something that further raises doubt regarding these unconfirmed reports.

Apple will be launching the next iPhone 7 this coming September, however, there is nothing the company has confirmed about the possible features, specs and even the pricing of the phone. All of these are based on rumors and speculations, something that should mean readers must take everything here with a grain of salt. Apple’s iPhone 6S started at $649, which is probably the same price tag that the iPhone 7 will be slammed with.

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