LG G5 and V10 Certified for Military and Enterprise Use in the U.S.

LG G5 was announced during MWC 2016 and just this Friday, the South Korean company announced that this modular flagship smartphone has now been approved for enterprise and military use in the United States.

According to the company’s official post, the government of the U.S., through the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), has approved for the LG G5 to be used in corporate and military environments thanks to the fact that it meets the set international security standards.

With this move and the fact that governments and corporate institutions are increasingly becoming more concerned with security, LG will be glad to learn that this certification might play a part in the race towards making the device fit for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. This is a policy where employers have no problem when employees coming in with their devices and use them to access enterprise or military data and systems.

What’s the trick?

BlackBerry has been on many occasions been considered the most secure platform to use in military and enterprise environments thanks to its emphasis on security. However, the fact that LG G5 is now certified for use in the same standards, it shows how Android is increasingly becoming a trusted operating system in terms of data security.


It is not just the U.S. where these security standards apply, but the same also applies in other countries including the UK, China, Canada, India, and Japan, among others. With this in mind, the approval of LG G5 means that the device has higher chances of being adopted for the same purposes in other parts of the world.

According to LG, the successful certification of the LG G5 by the NIAP is due to the presence of what is known as the GATE technology. GATE, which in full stands for Guarded Access To Enterprise, offers enhanced network, application and general platform security that ensures one can access enterprise data without any fears. GATE works hand-in-hand with Android for Work, separating and securing work apps from personal apps. In the end, this makes it very hard for hackers to get in and compromise any sensitive data on the LG G5.

More LG units also certified by NIAP

In case you didn’t know, the LG G5 is not the only LG unit to be certified for use in enterprise and military environments. While the approval was happening for this year’s flagship, the same was also said of last year’s LG V10. Furthermore, the NIAP has previously approved the likes of LG G3 and LG G4 thanks to the fact that LG has been using the GATE technology since 2013.


Samsung devices have also received similar treatment in the past, but this only happened for the flagship units equipped with Samsung Knox security software.

The LG G5 is currently available for sale in the U.S. for $650.

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