Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Update Problems and Issues

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the most popular Samsung smartphones from the last year. The phablet was announced in August, but it still sits among the best devices out there.

Soon to be replaced by the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 6, the company behind the making of the phone has been trying to bring it up to the latest standards by updating the software onboard. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 debuted with Android Lollipop on board. Now that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is here, the device has been updated with the new operating system.

While it is possible that not all owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have updated their devices to the new Marshmallow OS, we can assure you that the update is available for all units out there (except for AT&T). For those who haven’t updated yet, you are missing out on some of the best features of the OS, among them Doze, Google Now on Tap, more uses for the fingerprint sensor as well as better control over apps permissions, among  many others. However, for those already on board the Marshmallow bandwagon with respect to Galaxy Note 5, there are already some problems arising following the update.

Users are reporting issues to do with Wi-Fi connections and battery drains, something that shouldn’t be strange to any person who has gone through software updates before. Usually, updating a device’s software to a newer version may include such issues as wireless networks, battery drains and so forth.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android Marshmallow Problems and issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 units are being updated with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which is actually the most up-to-date version of this sixth installment of the Android OS. While most people expected better performance from the Note 5 once they had updated, some are not happy at all. In addition to battery life and Wi-Fi issues, the updated Note 5 is also unable to download Amazon apps. The device also seems to be unstable and runs slower after being updated to Android M.

Given that this is not strange for tech savvy users, they’ll be expecting Samsung to act fast and come in with fixes to these issues, especially the ones on battery drains and inability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Have you updated your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the latest Marshmallow? What’s your experience?

22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Update Problems and Issues”

        1. Dont!!! I did two days ago & they had to re flash my phone ( back to scratch) just to fix it. I finally got all my settings back to how I wanted them & some how tonight my phone did the update again, without my permission (I didn’t click the update okay) as I was told by at&the to keep pushing remind me later until they have the update in their store, where they can safely update you phone. Now theyes are closed until the AM *& I’m stuck with my phone not working AGAIN!! I COULD JUST CRY!! REALLY PISSED & ANGRY W/SAMSUNG!!

          1. So what’s wrong fyi, my phone doesn’t connect to wifi it doesn’t sync w/any of my accounts, I can’t access my Gmail, Samsung contacts & the phone keeps freezing.

    1. Same for my note 5 at&t carrier phone, I’m still hoping for its update but I don’t think so its going to be updated in 2016.
      Need some good advises on how and when to update it.

  1. After update to marshmallow my samsung note 5 battery draining terribly. Even some apps not working properly. Its really sucks.. Is there any solution??

  2. Note 5 and full charge overnight. Phone sat in my pocket all day. It’s dead when I checked it at 2pm. Seriously – WTF??

  3. Got the note 4, updated my phone this morning – wish i never had, battery nearly dead, phone freezes and crashed me out of apps. WTF??

  4. Every app that was installed on my internal sd card won’t open storage does not show it as an option. How do I recover those apps? photos were on the sd card

  5. Has anyone else had issues with auto correct texting too? Every time I use a punctuation other than a period, it auto corrects. It is super annoying cause I can never use punctuation like an exclamation point or question mark cause it always changes the word. I’d rather just not have auto-correct on, which sucks.

  6. My note 5 led light stays on when reading a text message even an old one and also when viewing a contact. And doesnt turn on when charging. Is there a fix?

  7. Marshmallow is installed ; VZW is my carrier, however there is no Speech to Text (STT) option that works!

  8. i got the new updated keyboard the all white, now it has gone back to the old version. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  9. This new update sucks BADLY!!!!!
    My phone automatically updated with the latest update from AT&T a couple of days aho, and I am soooooo pissed!!
    It took over an hour to update, couldn’t turn off the phone or stop it.
    Now my apps crash, Facebook doesn’t automatically update, and even when I try to refresh it manually, it says it can’t connect.
    Messenger doesn’t connect all the time, and will just drop out.
    My emails I used to be able to swipe to delete, t h at option has now gone, and been replaced with the old hold until a little box appears then press the delete button. SERIOUSLY, WTF!!
    Also can’t click links in emails to go to a website anymore, it won’t open the site, says it’s been moved.
    The battery drains really quickly.
    This was NOT what I signed up for AT&T!!!!
    For heavens sake, get your act together!!!
    (Note 5 user here)

  10. Hi good evening my note 5 after update 6.0.1 finger sensor lock not worked automatically not locked manually locked perfect working automatic sometimes locked sometimes unlocked please help me swipe the screen unlock

  11. So no one is going to reply to any of our comments, concerns or help us all with our issues since the update on note 5 for marshmellow???? Horrible customer service At&t, Samsung, Google & android!!! Thank for screwing your customers over.I have been to the at&t support Center 3 times now & spike with warranty support. They said they can send me a replacement bUT it won’t come with the new update correctly installed on it, so I would just be stuck in the same Mess I am right now!! I was told my Samsung that they don’t have the actual software update pushed out to the providers yet bc they don’t want to have it on their COMPUTERS UNTIL THEY GET THE BUGS WORKED OUT!!! So we the PAYING CUSTOMERS JSUT GET TO DEAL WITH IT, WITH NO HELP. OBVIOUSLY RE FLASHING MY PHONE & HARD RESETING IT, FOUR TIMES NOW, ISN’T THE SOLUTION!!! WHY AM I PAYING FOR A PHONE & SERVICE THAT NO ONE CAN FIX FOR ME???

    1. Some Best Buy stores have a small area in them where Samsung people work. They help with anything Samsung plus offer classes on the Samsung products . Very helpful nice people
      . Classes really help . These people work for Samsung not Best Buy . Some stores offer this while others do not
      . Check out all the Best Buy stores around where you live . It is a great service .

  12. I updated my phone, and now my music files are gone… sort of… they are still in my phone but I can’t use the music player to access them. In other words I open up music player and I see nothing… wtf seriously I want lollipop back

  13. Just got new software last week and my battery is draining about as quick as I can charge it. What’s frustrating to me is this seems to be a known issue to EVERYONE eccept AT&T and Samsung tech support…both of which suggested a warranty our insurance claim after hours in the phone. Frustrating!

    1. Why should we pay for their mistakes… you’d think after buying a $700 phone they might actually care to fix it for free!…

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