LG G6 to Feature Iris Scanner and LG Pay

LG G6 LG Pay

The LG G6 is one of the highly anticipated smartphones for 2017, as it is expected to pack quite a lot of tech from the South Korean company.

The LG G5 has been quite well received in various quarters, but it is still not capable of being considered in the same league as the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S7. The LG G6 could be a device that changes this perception in the global markets.

LG G6 LG Pay

Two of the headline features on the LG G6 are expected to be iris scanning and the inbuilt mobile payment system from LG. At a time when almost every smartphone is adopting advanced mobile pay technologies, it is not surprising that LG does not want to be left out of the party. Despite the upcoming changes, it is highly likely that the LG G6 will come with the ability to swap batteries on the go.

The iris scanner was first featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but phone went off the markets pretty soon for people to fully grasp the usage of the feature. On the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the iris scanner was only limited to unlocking the device, but the system itself has far more capabilities. Being much more secure than the fingerprint reader, it is possible to use the system in the same way as Windows Hello. It is surprising that both android and iOS have not adopted this system in a full-fledged manner.

The iris scanner on the LG G6 is likely to be implemented in the same module as the camera. This will provide a lot of benefits in terms of space and cost.

LG G6 Iris Scanner

Meanwhile, the LG Pay will be a direct rival to the Samsung Pay. It has been working on the system for a long time. The reported direction change made in recent years is thought as the main reason for LG not being able to introduce this mobile pay system in its current generation LG G5. LG are expected to use the Magnetic Secure Transmission technology in order to make the LG pay compatible with both NFC terminals and the usual swipe terminals. Even though it is the same technology that Samsung Pay utilizes, this advantage is likely to make the LG G6’s payment system much easier and widespread.

Lastly, the use of a removable battery is something that is slowly disappearing from smartphones and it would be refreshing to see the LG G6 continue this feature.

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