Check Eligibility for Battery Replacement for iPhone 6S at Home – Replacement Only for Limited Range

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement

There are some easy ways of checking if your iPhone 6S is eligible for battery replacement.

Apple has recently announced the program for replacing the batteries of affected iPhone 6S devices.

Apple’s Offer

Last week, Apple had announced a battery replacement program for the iPhone 6S devices that were shutting down unexpectedly. There are certain models that have been identified for the program. While giving these specifications, the company has specified some manufacturing dates of the affected smartphones. Apple has recommended that the owners of these devices should go to the Apple retail store or any of its authorized resellers. Owners of the iPhone 6S who are experiencing the problem on their devices can check out whether the device is eligible for the repair program.

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement

Checking at Home

However, there is another option, whereby users of the phone can check out the eligibility at home. They can follow the same procedure that the repair staff at the Apple stores will use.

The Issue

Apple has acknowledged that a few of the iPhone 6s devices are shutting down unexpectedly. The company states that it is not a safety hazard and is affecting devices falling within a specific serial number group, manufactured between the months of September and October of 2015. The company goes on to state that the retail store will examine the affected device before offering service, in order verify whether the specific device has the eligibility for the program and whether it is in good working condition.

Limited Number

Apple is offering the service of battery replacement only for very few 6s devices manufactured in the above-mentioned dates for a range of serial numbers.

How to Check Yourself

Users can do the checking by themselves by locating the serial number of their devices. Check the serial number found on the back of your iPhone 6s and also in Settings and General and then About. Check out the following characters that are found in the fourth or the fifth position of the serial number. These are: Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, QC, QD, QF, QG, QH, QJ.

Replacing Battery or Device

The staff at the retail or repair stores of the company will replace the spare parts on eligible devices if they are available. However, the device will probably be sent out for replacement of battery or even for replacing the whole device. Many store sources state that there are only limited supplies of battery for the said device. Some of the stores might even have to wait till the 5th of December or even later in order to receive the repair stocks. One of the Apple stores claim that they have customers who have order for sixty battery parts for repairing. There are others who report that the shortage in supply of parts has resulted from the time Apple has offered the new program for repairs.

iPhone 6S Replacing Battery

Working Order

It is normally expected that the device will have a certain amount of wear and tear, but it should be in proper working order for a swap or replacement program, provided the device falls within the specified range.

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