LG G6 to Feature Slim Design and Waterproof Capabilities

LG G6 Waterproof Capabilities

It was rumored a while ago that the upcoming LG G6 would not come with Friends module so as to adopt a more cohesive design.

LG introduced to the modular support a few generations back, but it has not been well received largely because the company has failed to adopt an easy approach. Motorola has had immense success with the Moto Mods largely as a result of making it easily accessible. Doing away with the Friends model would enable LG to enhance various aspects of the phone like design and functionality.


It seems that they have decided to go down this road after the latest rumors point out to the LG G6 coming with elements like waterproof abilities and a sleeker design. The lack of a Friends module appears to have enabled the company to offer slimmer design, although it would also be down to the lack of a removable battery.

The high-end LG phones have received a lot of praise for being the last of its kind to still offer removable batteries, which is probably the fastest form of quick charging available as users can simply swap out the dead batteries in favor of the fully charged batteries in the matter of a few seconds. However, it seems that this feature may finally go away with the LG G6. It is likely to be a cause of concern for a small section, but most would appreciate the slimmer design that the phone is expected to feature.

The waterproof capabilities of the LG G6 would be a major selling point given that phones like the Apple iPhone 7 have adopted this feature after previously being against it. One of the first to offer waterproof capabilities was Sony and Samsung, and they still make a major selling point out of it. Of course, waterproofing the phone does mean that it will not have the same heat dissipation abilities and this would affect the day-to-day usage of the device under strenuous load. The usage of a snapdragon 821 processor is expected to limit the heat issues on the device.

LG G6 Waterproof Capabilities

Given that LG has had a good track record when it comes to making phones with waterproof capabilities through the V series, it is highly likely that they will borrow the expertise and apply the same with regard to the LG G6. The phone is expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress in February.

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