Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S8 to Feature Harman-Powered Speakers

Galaxy S8 with AI assistant

The world is quickly getting up for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and several rumors about the device has been coming up of late.

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the company needs to get the Galaxy S8 absolutely right in terms of all areas. The phone has to have the best technologies in order to catch up with the lost sales over the last few months. As a result, Samsung is reportedly working on several venues to make the Galaxy S8 as futuristic as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S8

After rumors about an incredible processor like the snapdragon 830 on the phone, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would feature some incredible speakers. Thanks to a possible collaboration withHarman, the Galaxy S8 could actually feature some of the best speakers in the smartphone segment. Samsung recently acquired the audio brand for $8 billion and it is not a surprise that the technology from Harman will be translated into the device.

In many ways, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be a phone for the regular Galaxy S buyers but it would also focus on the Galaxy Note customers. In order to compensate for the lack of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to process a number of features. One of the headline elements could be the sound, as it is an area where most manufacturers tend to miss out. The use of the Harman set up on the Samsung Galaxy S8 could not only provide it with good loudness levels, but it would also provide exciting levels of clarity.

The latest rumorsalso claim that the device will come in two different variants as before, but the screen sizes would be vastly different. The current generation Galaxy S7 comes with a 5.1-inch screen or 5.5-inch screen depending on the model chosen. Thanks to the use of slim bezels, the Galaxy S8 is expected to offer a 5.7 inch display or a 6.4-inch screen according to the latest rumors. The latter would truly be enormous, but the size may not be felt on the hand thanks to intelligent use of the bezels.

Galaxy S8

The 5.7-inch screen is expected to come with a curved display while the 6.2-inch model may not have any bezels at all. Despite rumors of an early release, the Galaxy S8 is expected to arrive only at the Mobile World Congress in February.

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