LG G6 Preorders to be Accompanied by Gifts of up to $390


LG G6 will start selling in South Korea next Friday and so far, the company has some amazing offers for those who choose to pre-order the flagship ahead of the official release.

If you live in South Korea and the LG G6 is a phone you’d love to have, be ready to part with a tune of 899,800 Korean Won. When converted, this is about $780, which is not a small amount of money for some out there. The good side of the story is that the tech giant has gifts for you – gifts that can go all the way up to 450,000 Won or approximately $390.

According to a report put forward by ZDNet Korea, making a reservation for the LG G6 will earn you an initial gift of up to 250,000 Won. This comes from the fact that the company will give you a free LG G6 case alongside a full year of free LCD screen replacement. This means that the company will replace your display screen in case it anything occurs within a year from time pf purchase.

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As if this not enough, the Korean tech giant goes further to include more gifts that are worth 200,000 Won, but there’s a catch. Apparently, those who pre-order the LG G6 will stand a chance of purchasing any of these items – a Raleigh Keyboard 2, TonePlus Bluetooth headset, a Nescafe coffee machine or a wireless beetle mouse. As you can see, all benefits total to 450,000 Won, but this won’t, in any case, affect the initial price of the LG G6 in the country, which is 899,800 Won.

One thing that remains unclear is whether the same benefits will be applied to other markets such as the U.S., where the LG G6 is expected to be unveiled very soon, especially now that it has already been cleared by the FCC. We’ll for sure know the details very soon. Keep following us!

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