LG Gram is the World’s Lightest Laptop: Here’s the Pricing and Availability

LG Gram

After dominating the MWC with its modular LG G5, the Life’s Good team has now moved to showcase its abilities in the PC world.

The South Korean company has unveiled a new and what has been dubbed the lightest laptop in the world, named the LG Gram. This device has been unveiled to the UAE market in partnership with Sharaf DG. The Gram comes in two models – a 14-inch variant and a 15.6-inch variant – and all of them will first be availed in all Sharaf DG stores in the country. As far as the colors are concerned, the LG Gram will feature shades of white and gold.

Extremely lightweight and high performance

The newly unveiled LG Gram has received its name from the fact that it is one of the lightest in its category. Other than being the 14-inch variant weighing under a kilogram and lighter than Apple’s MacBook Air, the device also boasts of equally powerful and high-performing capabilities. The device’s lightweight nature means that it is not any kind of a burden when it comes to portability. The sleek, modern design LG went for will for sure make this laptop a major highlight in 2016.

Speaking of design, LG went for carbon-magnesium materials for the build. These are the same materials used to make spacecraft and race cars, which means the device has an exceptionally strong and rugged framework that can withstand the day to day activities of on-the-go users. The 14-inch LG Gram has a thickness of just half an inch and with its lightweight nature; this device can easily be packed and carried to any place.

This highly-portable, slim device that comes without any sacrifices as far as performance, speed and features are concerned supports all current connectivity standards as well as USB 3.0, microSD slot as well as a microUSB port. Regardless of its size, this device will be coming with an inbuilt HDMI port.

LG Gram

Inside the LG Gram is a 6th generation Intel Core processor and runs on the latest Windows 10. It comes with instant boot feature where the OS immediately starts upon opening the display from either a power-off position or just from hibernation or sleep mode. The Gram has a massive battery life of 7.5 hours in just a single charge.

As far as the display is concerned, the LG Gram has a Full HD IPS display that features a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The LG-based IPS technology ensures that the display quality you get is actually of the highest level, even at wide viewing angles. LG also included Reader Mode where users can enjoy optimal conditions when reading as it this mode reduces the blue light emitted by the screen. In this way, you can read for longer hours without straining your eyes.

Meant for style-conscious consumers

If you are someone that loves style, the new LG Gram is meant for you, this is according to the General Manager of LG Electronics Gulf FZE’s IT Division, Mr. Seok Kyu Yoon.

The GM believes that the launch of this device will ignite interest in this category and in the process help the company position itself as a strong player as far as IT business is concerned. The company relishes in the idea that it will be providing the people of UAE who are style conscious with access to the lightest laptop in the world.

The two models of the LG Gram announced are retailing in the UAE at around $1089 for the 14-inch model and $1198 for the 15.6-inch model.

At the moment, there is no word on when this laptop will be available in other markets, but it is expected not to be long. We’ll keep you updated.


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