LG has a new Home for your Phone’s Fingerprint Sensor – and you’ll Probably Love it

LG Innotek fingerprint technology

LG is known for its works in the flagship smartphone arena, however, with the competition getting stiffer with each smartphone release, the South Korean tech giant is looking at more innovative ways of differentiating its products from the rest of the pack.

This year saw LG G5 come into play with quite a revolutionary design. Although not a complete modular phone, LG gave it a shot as far as modular designs are concerned. The phone can easily accommodate quite a number of accessories when the bottom cover is removed. As a result, the company included what it terms as “LG Friends,” which is a group of accessories that are meant to better the experience of those using this flagship.

LG now wants to get even better at being unique thanks to a new report that claims the company is reworking the location of the fingerprint sensor for its upcoming line of flagships. Of course, every company is now moving towards this trend, equipping devices with the now ubiquitous fingerprint scanner, however, many are still unsure when it comes to where to actually place these sensors.

Many have resolved to have the fingerprint sensor located on the rear of the phone where the forefinger naturally rests. On the other hand, we’ve seen others embed them in home buttons. The LG G5 has its fingerprint sensor located at the back, however, the Korean company wants to bring this under the screen instead.

LG Innotek fingerprint technology

According to LG Innotek, a new fingerprint sensor has been developed and slotted into a very small 0.03mm space and cut into the underside of a cover glass meant for a smartphone. With this technology, the LG affiliate says that smartphone manufacturers will be able to incorporate fingerprint sensors with no need for dedicated pads, buttons or any other visible elements.

If this succeeds, LG also adds that it will be possible to reduce any smartphone malfunctions related to button-type fingerprint sensors. In addition, the idea of having an under-glass fingerprint module will make it easier to come in with sleeker and completely waterproof or scratch resistant devices.

At the moment, LG has not confirmed whether it will be using this new fingerprint sensor in any of its upcoming smartphones. However, a company spokesperson revealed that talks (with unnamed smartphone manufacturers) to commercialize the sensors within this year are ongoing.

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