Windows 10 has no Room for Google and Other 3rd-Party Searches from Cortana

Windows 10

Microsoft and Google are two of the biggest rivals in the tech industry. While most of these two companies’ paths rarely clash, it seems the latest move by the former is aimed at dwarfing the services provided by the latter on its devices.

A lot of Google’s services have remained to be universally available, regardless of the device or rather platform in use. It has remained possible and easy for Microsoft-based devices to make use of Google’s services and apps, however, the Windows OS maker has other ideas this time round.

According to a recent announcement made via the company’s blog page, Microsoft has revealed that it will no longer allow users of Windows 10 to carry out Google searches from within Cortana. In short, Microsoft has blocked the access of the leading search engine via its digital assistant. If it makes you feel a little bit better, Google is not the only victim in this case. The move also sees other third party searches blocked from the application.

In its defence, the Windows OS maker claims that this move is aimed at maintaining an integrated search experience.” Instead of relying on Google as the default search engine when using Cortana, the new Windows 10 will let users stick to Bing while carrying out searches via this virtual assistant. Initially, performing a search in Cortana automatically chose Google as the default search engine, however, Microsoft has come up with a number of workarounds that now prevent this choice.

Windows 10

As for the web browser, Windows 10 came in with Microsoft Edge. This is the browser that will be usable when searching via Cortana. Despite this move by Microsoft, those using Windows 10 will still be able to carry out searches via Google and other third party search engines when using the conventional browser search.

No hard feelings

While lovers of Google search might see this move by Microsoft as demeaning, the folks at Mountain View are much aware of what’s happening. As mentioned, these two companies are close rivals in the tech industry. As a result, Google also owns a digital assistant known as Google Now. Just like Microsoft has now done, Google Now is locked to Google search as the default search engine. So, the move by Microsoft shouldn’t draw any hard feelings between the two parties, in fact, it is some sought of a tit-for-tat situation.

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