LG K8 V is a HD Voice-ready Prepaid Smartphone from Verizon Priced at $144


LG fans must be aware of the famous LG K8. Well, the new LG K8 V from Verizon Wireless is just a slightly altered version of this model, but it comes for the Big Red’s prepaid customers.

Last year, the company turned on HD Voice for prepaid customers and with the new LG K8 V, fans of this carrier now have a chance to enjoy an entry-level phone that prepared for this service. Valued at just $144, the K8 V is truly very affordable and for this, you also get less powerful hardware specs and features as well.

The screen is still great at 5 inches with HD resolution. Under the hood, the LG K8 V has a Snapdragon 212 processor that is backed by a RAM of 1.5GB. There is only 16GB if expandable storage, with the slot able to handle up to `128GB. The back of the phone has an 8MP snapper while the front ships with a 5MP lens. The latter gets a few nifty features that Verizon calls Selfie Light and Gesture Shot – features that promise much better selfies from the device.

To keep the lights on, the LG K8 V has a 2125mAh battery unit. Although slightly smaller than many smartphone batteries today, LG made sure that one can easily swap the batteries to keep going, just in case one runs out of power. This phone will be the first Verizon-designed handset for prepaid users that comes with support for HD Voice.


When compared to its predecessor the LG K8, the latest model has a Qualcomm processor while the 2016 variant has a MediaTek processor. If anything, this is the only major difference between the two, something that could have played a major role in Verizon not carrying the original version. Furthermore, the fact that the LG K8 V supports microSD cards of up to 128GB and the K8 only managed up to 32GB could also be part of why there is a processor change. Nonetheless, for $144, this is not a bad phone at all.

According to Android Headlines, Verizon had neglected its prepaid customer base for quite some time. However, since late last year, a lot has been changing and now that there is a phone targeting this market, it shows just how much the Big Red wants to rekindle this segment. Base plans start at $45 and for this, you still get 2GB of data. However, you can still jump up to $70 a month and this will get you 10GB of data. Any prepaid plan from Verizon still comes with a Carryover Data scheme that lets you bring along your unused data when paying for the new month’s subscription.

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