LG V20 – Online Renders show Dual Camera, Metal Body – Camera Hump May Not Go Down Well with Fans

LG V20 Online Renders show Dual Camera

The leaked renders of LG V20 show a dual camera present on the rear, based on the camera hump present on the back. This may not be go down well with fans.

Pointers to the New Design

LG had confirmed that the announcement regarding the new V20 would come on 6th of September, but no specific details of the phone were offered. It was stated that the phone would be the successor of the V10 released in 2015. Several online renders point towards the final design of the phone.

Going Official on September 6th

The company has confirmed that the new LG V20 will go official on the 6th of September in San Francisco. The official quote from the company has confirmed the schedule of the V20, which runs Android 7.0, Nougat. The device is rumored to come with a Quad HD screen of 5.7 inches and powered by Snapdragon, 820 chipset combined with a RAM of 4 GB. The key feature of the phone is the 160 x 1040 pixels display that is always on.

Online Leaked Renders

The recently leaked renders show that the phone comes with a dual camera on the rear. This is similar to the setup seen on the G5 by the same company. It has a wide- angle focus sensor combined with a high resolution AF sensor. However, the camera hump might prove to be a sore point with fans. The dimension of the V20 is 159.5 x 78.1 . 7.7 mm, but the rear camera comes with a bump that is thicker, so the size measures nearly the same as the V10, 159.6 x 79.3 x 8.6 mm.

LG V20

The base of the V20 could be removed or it could be an aspect of the modular design like the G5. The innovation in the G5 did not go down too well with users and there was not much interest in it. The premier of the new V20 is nearly a month from now, so we will be seeing a lot of such leaks in the next few weeks.


The @ OnLeaks along with Android Authority show that the V20 will be a metal device. The main display will be large, similar to the predecessor, the V10. There will also be a second smaller screen above it. The dual front facing camera seen on the V10 has been ditched in favor of a dual-rear camera having dual-LED flash along with a laser, auto focus feature. The back of the phone comes with the fingerprint scanner and looks similar to the G5, which is a flagship device of LG. The V20 could have a modular design similar to the G5, though this is not sure.

Running on Nougat 7.0

The V20 will probably be the first device that runs on the Nougat, 7.0 Android version, out of the box. This seems to be interesting, as Google is about to release its Nexus phones with the new software OS and the Nexus phones are generally the first ones to come with a major iteration of its software. However, this time LG will probably beat it.

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