Windows Phone Pokémon Go Fans Forced To Wait As Niantic Blocks PoGo

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is probably the hottest cake in the mobile phone gaming universe. The augmented reality video game created by the Niantic Inc. has captured the attention of gamers with its mixed virtual-reality nature. Unfortunately, the official versions of the game are only available for Android and iOS devices for now.

Gamers on Windows Phone feel alienated and are desperate to have a taste of this Pokémon Go game, which has become a global phenomenon with over 100 million downloads until now. This is the drive behind third-party app developers’ obsession to find a workaround for these anxious players. Consequently, a number of apps have been hitting the market since then. One of the popular apps developed is PoGo, which has enabled players on Windows mobile OS especially those on Windows 10 to play the celebrated video game.

PoGo has been working well; unfortunately, its existence has been short-lived. After only a week in operation, Niantic Labs has released an update for the game that shuts the API of third party apps, consequently, blocking the app. Though it was almost an obvious step by Niantic, nobody expected it so soon. The encryption of communication also blocked other third party apps like Poke vision.

On the other hand, PoGo developers are working on ways to fix the issue behind the failure of the app whose current version is no longer working. However, the actual app developer Kaankehh, via a post on the company’s GitHub page, does not believe a permanent remedy will be realized. In the statement, he said that the makers of the API are doing their best to get the issue fixed, but that may not last for long because Niantic will definitely add new encryptions immediately the API is fixed.

Pokemon Go

Nonetheless, Mr. Kaankehh promised to keep the games’ Windows Phone users with up-to-date information on the progress made towards getting them play the game once more. Besides, he said that a number of required portions of the request have been discovered. But, in case the group of hackers looking into the encryptions fails, then Windows Phone owners may be forced to wait until Niantic officially announce Pokémon Go for these devices.

Definitely, the number of users will shoot tremendously when an official version is released for these devices. However, Pokémon Go gameplay and popularity has already raised security concerns with some countries formulating laws to regulate the controversial game.

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