LG V20 US Sales Impressive; Manages to Comfortably Beat LG V10

LG V20 US Sales

The LG V20 is one of the best available LG phones as of now.

It is a huge step up from the predecessor in almost every regard. Most importantly, it was one of the first adopters of the Android Nougat operating system. It seems to have been a major selling point on the device, as the company have just revealed that 200,000 units of the brand-new phone have been sold in the United States within the first 10 days of its launch. To put things into perspective, the LG V10 managed the same figure in twice the amount of time.

LG V20

Unlike in the last few years, LG have spent quite heavily on the promotional front. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was pulled in as the brand ambassador and he specifically pointed out to the phone’s impressive camera capabilities on a YouTube video, which has raked in more than 10 million views. The LG V20 is a device that tries to enhance the capabilities in terms of the audio, as it is one of the few devices in the market to support Quad DAC audio. Lossless music can now be a reality on the smartphone using the LG V20 and it is one of the phone’s major selling points.

Other positive aspects on the LG V20 includes a large 5.5-inch screen with 2K resolution. This coupled with a smaller display, which is always on, on top of the device makes it a unique element in the world of smartphones that are becoming increasingly boring in terms of features.

The rear dual 16-megapixel camera comes with a whole host of technologies like laser autofocus and optical image stabilization to provide excellent imaging capabilities. Even though the LG V20 seems to lose out quite badly in competition with the Apple iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel, it is still excellent for a smartphone. It is not a shame that the device uses out to the best in the business.

LG V20 US Sales

Offering an extremely large 3200 mAh battery, the phone has the ability to last throughout the day without the need to top up using the Quick Charge capabilities. The phone comes with the latest 3.0 version of quick charge which makes it almost on par with the dash charging feature, which remains as one of the fastest in the industry. The phone is available on the AT&T networks for just over $800 while Verizon sells it for just over $650.

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