OnePlus 3T Leaked Images Crop up 24 Hours Ahead of Launch

OnePlus 3T Launch

As the OnePlus 3T gears up for a launch, an image rumored to be the device has surfaced online with just 24 hours to go.

It shows the OnePlus 3T being largely similar to the OnePlus 3 apart from very minor details. The key changes seem to occur within the phone, as several aspects of the device, which have been rumored for quite a while, are once again continued.

OnePlus 3T Leaked Images

The rumors predict that the OnePlus 3T will come with a snapdragon 821 chipset, which is the latest from Qualcomm. It offers a minor increment in performance over the snapdragon 820 chipset which is present on the standard variant.Rumors heavily indicate that the OnePlus 3T will be $80 more than the OnePlus 3, which retails at $400. For this increased price, buyers will not only be getting a brand-new chipset from Qualcomm but also 128 GB of standard on-board memory. This represents a major jump from the 64 GB offered on the OnePlus 3.

Perhaps, an even bigger change which may not get much of an attention is the new Sony IMX398 sensor. At a time when the Google Pixel and the Apple iPhone 7 are fighting for the crown to take over as the smartphones with the best camera, the OnePlus 3 claims to be an iPhone killer but it comes with a very mediocre camera. It is heavily anticipated that the switch to the Sony IMX398 sensor will improve the device tremendously in the imaging department.

A 3300 mAh battery is said to be used on the device. This would translate into at least an additional hour of screen on time on top of the four hours managed by most OnePlus 3 devices. Along with the dash charging capabilities, the OnePlus 3T may very well be one of the endurance top rankers. Android Nougat has been rumored on the OnePlus 3 for quite a while, but it has only started beta testing. Those unable to wait for this new version of android from Google, can get it immediately on the OnePlus 3T. The phone is expected to ship with android 7.0 with the latest 7.1 version set to arrive soon.

OnePlus 3T Launch

Since the phone features improvements in terms of processor, memory, and battery, the $80 price differential may not be a huge deal and it could actually push the sales figures in favor of the OnePlus 3T over the OnePlus 3.

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