LG V30 is receiving Android Oreo OTA in South Korea

LG V30

Android OEMs are getting better with each release of the popular Android OS.

At some point, Google was the only company that released a new phone alongside a new OS, but lately, things have been changing, with some partner OEMs managing to get devices with the new OS into the market even ahead of Google.

It happened last year with LG V20 and this year with Sony Xperia XZ1 and even though LG failed to repeat this achievement with the successor to the V20, it appears that things aren’t bad with respect to updates. The LG V30 was touted to come with Oreo out of the box, but this didn’t materialize, much to the disappointment of some.

On the brighter side, the Korean company has come out with an announcement that will leave many LG V30 users more than happy. As it is, the phablet is already receiving the update to Android Oreo, but this is a beta version. Also, this initial release is limited to the Korean market. Whether the beta program will extend to other markets at a later time is only known to LG, but for those in Korea, you’ll need the Quick Help app on your V30 and once in there, select the LG OS Preview banner that appears inside the app.

As at the time of this writing, the LG OS Preview program is live in South Korea for all LG V30 users. Once you apply, the update will come as an OTA and after you install, the company will expect to receive regular feedback from you in order to improve the final version.

The new Android Oreo update adds the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes alongside new features. However, since it’s still in beta, you may come across issues when using this OS on the LG V30. So, if you are okay with these minor issues, you can dive right into the OS, otherwise, sit back and wait for the stable version to roll out starting December – and this will be happening globally.


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