LG X300 is the New Smartphone that Boasts Best In-Class Camera with a Premium Design

LG X300

The smartphone war continues as LG launched the new LG X300 with best in-class camera that offers near DSLR quality photos combined with a premium finish.

Ever since Apple launched the iPhone 7S with a dual camera setup, all other manufacturers are doing their best to beat them in terms of photo quality. Huawei Honor series has a strong focus in offering the best camera and Samsung is already on it. Now, LG joins the fray with the LG X300 that is now officially available in Korea.

LG X300 Best In-Class Camera

The smartphone is powered by a 13 megapixel camera on the front and the rear. The reports were first found on a Korean website and with the translation being bit inaccurate, we weren’t able to find the actual specifications of the smartphone. The website does report that it features a much bigger camera setup with a whole lot of features including auto shot, gesture shot that is going to be the proprietary technology for LG’s new phone.

With the help of Auto Shot feature, it is much easier to take selfies and group photographs. The improved sensor and face detection capabilities in the phone will instantly recognize human faces. It will automatically focus the lens on it for crystal clear images. Those blurred shots and the long time taken to take selfies will no longer be the case, according to LG’s statement. Gesture Shot allows you to hold the phone with your palm and when you wrap your entire hand on the phone, it will capture the shot after 3 seconds.

A high resolution display is expected on the LG X300 smartphone which comes with 16GB of storage space and 2,500 mAh battery. The size of the display will most probably be a 5.5-inch screen which is found in most big models these days as they are compact and easy to hold while offering a great multimedia experience. The phone will sport curved glass display and the images show a stylishly premium smartphone with metal casing. It is expected to be priced at $250 according to the website. However, the pricing sounds too cheap for a flagship model and it may have a much higher price tag when it arrives in the United States.

LG X300

A picture of the LG X300 model is available which you can see to know how it would look and the brilliant display used in it. The company has released a slim laptop a long time ago with the same name and is now using the X300 name for a smartphone, hoping it would be a successful venture in the mid-range tier.

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