LG’s 2018 TVs Get Alexa, Google Assistant and Readily Supports HFR

LG’s 2018 TVs Get Alexa, Google Assistant and Readily Supports HFR

The CES 2018 is underway and device manufacturers are about to push boundaries once again.

LG’s 2018 TV lineup sounds pretty impressive and the televisions are about to get much smarter with Alexa, Google Assistant built-in for more responsive experience.

HFR, high frame rate technology was originally ushered in theaters for movies like the Lord of the Rings but the 60FPS didn’t work out so well for the immersive cinematic experience. LG is planning to introduce the technology in their televisions in 2018 and when people have the freedom to switch between HDR, HFR among other viewing methods, they may not have any issues because of the level of customization available.

LG’s 2018 TVs Get Alexa, Google Assistant

During the CES 2018 event, LG announced that all their future televisions will be AI-ready powered by ThinQ technology. They will readily support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa making it easier to connect with smart home speakers or other devices you might have at home. The top of the line models will also be equipped with Alpha 9 processors which is the start towards achieving HFR, with frame rates that go all the way up to 120FPS which is the first of its kind in a home television.

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OLED televisions are about to become very prominent in 2018 based on Samsung, LG and every other manufacturer showing keen interest to push it. Apart from being able to support high frame rates and AI assistants, the new age HDTVs will also produce better colors, noise reduction and will offer smooth picture quality.

LG’s 2018 TVs Get Alexa, Google Assistant and Supports HFR

The output may vary based on the model you go with but LG aims to provide an optimal experience on the entire range of products they plan to launch in stores in the near future. Pricing continues to be a big deal for 4K televisions especially when they are equipped with OLED technology.

In their announcement, LG confirmed that their Super UHD lineup will be powered by processors that are on par with the Alpha 9 and will be running on Alpha 7 processors capable of handling Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands seamlessly. They will be ready to handle Advanced HDR technology designed by Technicolor, easily decode Dolby Atmos audio and supports Dolby Vision making it the complete entertainment package. The thin bezels are a given feature by this time as almost all televisions launched these days are slim, feature large screens and are also going beyond the traditional 1080p resolution.

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