LG’s V20 – Set for First Android N Smartphone Out of the Box – A Shift from the Norm

LG V20

LG Electronics has announced the next flagship phone, the V20, which will be one of the first phones featuring Android Nougat 7.0, out of the box.

LG will be the first manufacturer shipping its device with Android N out of the box.

Nexus or LG? Which will be first?

The V20 is not likely to be the first smartphone in the world running on Nougat 7.0 version, as the Nexus devices, the 6P, the 5X, the 9, the Player and Pixel C belong to the developer preview programs of Android N and will experience Android N before the V20 is launched.

If stable Android N is available for the current Nexus devices, they are likely to be the first crop of phones running the new OS. All the Nexus devices mentioned above are available for purchasing and many fans are already using the same. However, LG will be the first phone to ship the Android N out of the box.

A Close Connection

Normally, the first smartphones that are powered by Android’s new version are the Nexus series, being Google’s own smartphones. This is a definite shift from the normal trend. However, LG has pointed out the close connection that it shares with Google, including collaborations in the Nexus series, namely, the Nexus 4, 5 and 5X. The list also includes the Watch Urbane, 2nd edition, which is the only smartwatch in the world that offers cellular based connectivity.

Android N Smartphone

V20 to Offer a Rich Experience

According to LG, the V20 will expand on the premium experience offered by the previous V10. The V10 offered rich multimedia experience with a dual screen feature. The new V20 will derive the benefit of the new features in Android Nougat. This includes graphics that are Vulkan supported, offering a more immersive experience for gaming. Doze will also bring about better performance of the phone battery.

LG V20 will extend the cutting edge features of multimedia offered by the V10 and offer an exhilarating mobile experience to users, setting up new standards for premium smartphones, according to Juno Cho, the president of its mobile unit.

HTC Nexus Phones

Then how about the HTC Nexus phones and devices? Not much is known about the release date, but a source suggests that the new HTC Nexus phones could be launched on October 4th. The news seems plausible, as LG has announced a date in September for its V20. If LG is claiming to be the first in offering Android N out of the box, it would seem that the new HTC Nexus phones will come after September, some time in October.

A Recap

As of now, LG claims that the V20 will be released with Android N out of the box sometime in September. The current crop of Nexus devices will see the Android N update some time in August. Google will probably launch its new HTC Nexus devices in October. Thus, LG will remain the first to ship devices running Android N out of the box. Google will get to splash its new Nexus with Android N just in time for the holidays.

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