MacBook Air 2016 News, Release Date and Rumors

MacBook Air 2016

Many Apple fans are expecting the Cupertino Company to come in with a new MacBook Air 2016, but they may be disappointed in the fact that the iPhone maker has not come out with any official word regarding this device.

There have been prior rumors that Apple might do away with the MacBook Air series and instead concentrate on the MacBook Pro. However, the story is now taking a different turn as reports coming from Japan claim that the company will indeed be coming in with a MacBook Air 2016 at some point this year.

If the publication is to be believed, Apple will reportedly release a new MacBook Air 2016 somewhere in August. Apparently, the source claims that the device has already been announced, probably something that secretly happened during the WWDC 2016. But this is highly unlikely as it would make no sense for Apple to come in with a product and not reveal it to the potential customers. As for the month of June, it is almost done and nothing has come out yet with respect to this device.

MacBook Air 2016 may never happen?

While the latest reports claim that Apple will begin selling the MacBook Air 2016 later in August, the fact that there is really nothing concrete to back this claim might as well indicate that the wait is futile. Macworld is of the view that the MacBook Air line of products could be facing the door at Apple, especially when looking at the 11-inch variant, but this doesn’t mean the 13-inch variant wouldn’t face the same wrath.

MacBook Air 2016

Things get even more interesting as other reports from a different source further claim that Apple might also be in the works of ditching the entire Air line of products. The results of this move would mean that there is no more iPad Air, but this is still a mere rumor.

So, what next for Apple? As it seems, the Retina MacBook, which was introduced during the company’s Sprint Forward event, is going to lead the way for the Cupertino Company. Whether Apple will indeed discontinue the Air product line or come in with a new MacBook Air 2016 can only be told with time.

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