Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone Updates and Rumors

Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone Rumors

There have been reports and rumors all over the internet that Microsoft will be refreshing its hybrid laptop lineup with a new Surface Pro 5 version as well as come in with a new Surface Phone.

The story doesn’t end there, though, as the same reports also add that the same company will for the first time come in with a Surface Phone to go along with its tablet lineup. While there have been suggestions that these devices will be here before the end of the year, the latest reports claim that the company will be delaying their release so as to coincide with the next major Windows 10 Redstone 2 release, which should be happening in 2017.

The Surface Pro 5 is not much of a surprise as it was kind of expected to come as a refreshed version of the current Surface Pro 4. However, the surprise package here is the Surface Phone – a device that is rumored to come with monstrous specs, probably what has never been experienced on a smartphone before. The company wants to use both devices to push further into the enterprise world by including some catchy and innovative features and functionality.

According to the company’s Corporate VP for Windows, Kevin Gallo, the Microsoft Surface Phone will indeed be an innovative addition to the smartphone world, just like the company has been doing with the desktop world. There is no doubt that the Surface Pro lineup is an innovation of its own, but the company also wants to take everything to the next level with the new Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft wants to beat competitors such as HP Elite X3 with an equally capable high-end Surface Phone that will also be based on the company’s Windows 10 Mobile. Speculations are rife that the phone will pack a Snapdragon 830 SoC, but with three different variants depending on the memory configurations.

The base model will pack an onboard storage of 64GB and a RAM of 4GB. The next version will include onboard storage of 256GB while the RAM will be increased by 2GB. As for the enterprise version, buyers will get a device with massive memory capabilities – a RAM of 8GB and ROM of 512GB. The phone will also come with a decent 21MP main camera and an external QWERTY keyboard.

As for the Surface Pro 5, this device will reportedly be launched alongside the Surface Phone, which is rumored to be March 2017. Microsoft apparently delayed the release of this device in order to take advantage of the new Kaby Lake processors that are to be launched this fall. As pointed out earlier, the company is also aligning the release of the next big Windows 10 update with the release of these gadgets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Spec-wise, the Surface Pro 5 will definitely be an upgraded version of the Pro 4. Expect better battery life, audio jack, special display that includes IPS Corning Gorilla Glass protector, microSD card slot, a Surface Pen with rechargeable battery as well as a Mini DisplayPort for videos, just to name but a few.

Keep in mind that these features are based on rumors and Microsoft hasn’t confirmed a thing just yet. Still, you can stick with us for more details about the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone if and when they show up.

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