MacBook Pro 2016 Owners are Experiencing Annoying Keyboard Issues

2016 MacBook Pro Touché App

Last year, Apple took the PC world by storm when it introduced a trio of new MacBook Pro 2016 models that come with a revamped keyboard, with two of them featuring a magic Touch Bar.

This keyboard is touted as the best thanks to the new second-gen butterfly mechanism that it relies on – a mechanism that first appeared in the ultra-thin MacBook – hence making the keys even flatter than before. With this design, the MacBook Pro 2016 keyboard is meant to optimize for the stability of the laptop while at the same time ensuring that there are no issues when the time for hitting the road comes.

When compared to other models, the keyboard on the MacBook Pro 2016 feels a lot different, something that has meant the laptop has garnered mixed reactions in the market. Apparently, it seems the new butterfly mechanism is not what Apple wants us to think it is – in fact, the older mechanism could be more reliable than this revised version.

Since the MacBook Pro 2016 started seeing a wider adoption, some people have been raising concerns over the keyboard of the device. There are those who are talking about non-functional keys as well as others with non-uniform feel. There are even those who claim that it comes a time when some of the keys produce strange high-pitched sounds when releasing them. Threads about these issues are already all over, including one on the official Apple Support page.

MacBook Pro 2016


From the threads, it appears that many people are affected by the high-pitched key sounds for various keys as opposed to others. Apparently, hitting the Caps Lock key makes a totally different sound when compared to what other keys produce. However, it seems that this issue only comes in when the MacBook Pro 2016 starts getting warm or rather hot. Still, there are some users who are experiencing the higher-pitched sound even when their laptops aren’t warm or hot for that matter.

There’s no doubt that this sound issue can be annoying, but believe you me it won’t be annoying as a key that miss-clicks, makes double entries when clicked once or even completely refuses to respond. At the moment, it is not clear what’s behind this problem. However, given the high level of sensitivity of the new MacBook Pro 2016 butterfly mechanism, anything as small as a bit of dust can cause such issues.

In case you are going through this problem on your MacBook Pro 2016 laptop, be it the 15-inch or 13-inch variant, you are advised to visit the official Apple Store or Authorized Service Providers for repairs or replacements.

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