Marshmallow Update for ZenFone Zoom and Selfie – Almost In Time to meet Self Imposed Deadline

ZenFones Selfie

The Marshmallow update for the two ZenFones, the Zoom and the Selfie, is finally here.

ASUS has started rolling out the software update, thereby bringing in all the new features present in marshmallow. With this update the firmware will now be in case of the Zoom and in case of the Selfie.

Fulfilling Promises

ASUS had imposed a deadline on itself and promised to upgrade many of its devices to the new Marshmallow update before the end of the second quarter of this year. However, we are already in the third quarter and the company is still in the process of fulfilling its promise. Earlier, the company had rolled out the software update to the Max and the ZenFone 2 Laser and not it has started the OTA rollout of Marshmallow for the Zoom ZX551KL and the Selfie ZD551KL.

Eliminating Bloatware

 In addition, the update also eliminates plenty of bloatware present in the two devices. Users will have to go through the factory reset routine once they update to the software, in order to remove any bloatware that is not removed by the new update.  Many of the preloaded apps present in the two devices are now being shed after this update is installed. In addition, a few new applications from Facebook and Google are being added with the version.

Zenfone Zoom

Eliminations and Additions for Zoom Devices

The following apps will not come preloaded on the ZenFone Zoom, once the two device is upgraded to Marshmallow version. These include ASUS Backup and Google Play Books. In addition, the Google Play Games and the Play Newstand along with Google+ will also not come preloaded in the device. ZenFlash has also been eliminated but those who are interested can download the same from the Google Play app on their phones.

The new Changelog also brings in some new additions to the Zoom devices after the Marshmallow update. Users can add Google Calendar and Messenger as well as Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. They can also perform a factory reset on their devices and remove the Asus Email, the Calendar and Messaging, In addition, they can remove the Asus Browswer and Music with a factory reset. Instead, they can make use of Gmail and Google Calendar along with Chrome, Google Play Music and Google Messenger to replace the above.

Eliminations and Additions for Selfie

In case of the ASUS Selfie, the Asus Backup, Mirror and Remote Link, along with Party Link, PC Link and Photoframe will not come preloaded after the new version is installed.

New additions include Google Calendar, Google Messenger and Motion Gesture. Users can eliminate the Email, Calendar and Messaging of Asus and replace them with Google’s services for the same.

Immediate Download

Users of the two devices can wait for their turn, as this is an OTA update and will be rolled out gradually to all the devices. However, if they are impatient to receive the same, they can download it by going to the Settings and checking out whether it is available for their device.

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